Ali Campbell

Celebrity 'life-fixer' and best selling self-help author

Ali Campbell is widely accepted as the UK´s leading life-fixer, self-help author.

Katie Price, Kelly Rowland, Ali Bastion, Camilla Dallerup, the Fratellis and Mica Paris to name but a few credit Ali with their success, as do eminent businessmen, leading sportsmen, politicians and even royalty.

In 2008 he wrote The Slim Girl´s Box of Secrets – a unique guide to achieving weight loss, happiness. Described by the Daily Express as "One of the world's most successful weight loss tools," the Box of Secrets which is made up of a book and DVDs, has sold in 51 countries around the world.

In 2010 his book 'Just Get On With It' turned him into a best-selling author.

Ali's third book, entitled 'More Than Just Sex' is a definitive guide for men who are sick of meaningless dating and want something more.

Ali makes regular TV guest appearances in the US and UK across all networks.

Ali brings together his considerable skill with his caring compassionate kick-up-the-ass attitude to effect change very fast tailoring his blend of hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming and coaching to fit the individual´s specific needs.

As a result he is one of UK´s most sought-after catalysts for change.

His therapy works while his dynamic approach makes him one of the most powerful back-stage puppet-masters.

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