Alice Carder

Transformational Coach, EFT Practitioner & Writer

Alice Carder is a Transformational Coach, EFT Practitioner and Writer, who empowers women to stop playing small and step into their true power. The sudden death of Alice's best friend Rita in her twenties, followed by a serious accident in which she almost lost her own life just one year later, placed Alice on a steep trajectory of self-evolution. She switched off auto-pilot and began developing her mindset and emotional wellbeing, empowering her to not only survive the challenges she faced, but thrive beyond them. Leaving a career in television behind, Alice built a successful online business that allows her the freedom to work from anywhere, whilst making a powerful impact in the lives and businesses of the women she works with, supporting them to heal their past and evolve their future. As seen in Grazia, Breathe, Medium and Less Stress London. Connect with Alice on Instagram: @theselfevolutioncoach or at