Alice Hart-Davis

Beauty journalist, communicator, enthusiast. Beauty industry expert.

Alice Hart-Davis is a freelance beauty journalist based in London. She writes for newspapers and magazines (including the Daily Mail, The Times, Woman & Home and the Mail on Sunday’s YOU magazine), on topics ranging from make-up and skincare to anti-ageing procedures and cosmetic surgery.
Her work gives her the chance to hear all the latest ideas and innovations from beauty industry experts including R&D scientists, cosmetic doctors, dermatologists and surgeons, personal trainers, performance experts and nutritionists and she blogs about innovation in the beauty space at When not writing, she works with leading beauty companies, creating content, launching products, giving talks or facilitating events.
Alice is the creator of a skincare range for young skin called Good Things ( which has been stocked in Boots since 2010, and with her daughters Molly and Beth has written two beauty books for teenagers.
She has won several awards for her writing and now helps judge hair, dentistry and beauty awards.
She lives in London with her husband, their three teenagers and a lively Jack Russell terrier, tries lots of beauty treatments in the name of duty and is still looking for the perfect face cream.
Ten Things I've Learned Since Going

Ten Things I've Learned Since Going Ginger

I know 1-2 per cent of the population in the UK is meant to be redheaded, but it feels like less than that in London. In any gathering of people - in a crowded shop, on a train station concourse - when I stop and look around, there is very rarely anyone else with such a noticeable hair colour.
14/01/2015 10:17 GMT
Coming Out of the Meditation

Coming Out of the Meditation Closet

I'd been toying with the idea of meditation for years. As a health and beauty journalist, I knew all the benefits - from better concentration and sleep to stress reduction - but I just couldn't get my head round actually doing it. I'm a working mum so my spare time is limited. Yet though I could find time for exercise, I could never quite shape up to just sitting still and doing what seemed like nothing.
29/08/2014 13:09 BST
Why I'm Having Botox - In my

Why I'm Having Botox - In my Armpits

When people ask me if I ever have Botox and I say, 'Yes, but more in my armpits than in my face,' they look understandably confused. There aren't many wrinkles in the armpits, after all -- but these days Botox is about more relaxing wrinkles.
21/08/2014 15:14 BST
Shellac While You Cycle,

Shellac While You Cycle, Ma'am?

Back in the days when Londoners started to look more presentable - a dozen years ago, maybe? - I used to loved writing stories on high-speed grooming that involved, say, having a blow-dry, a manicure and a pedicure all at the same time and within half an hour. It was a bit like going through a beauty-car-wash, but heck, it was effective, swift and looks-enhancing.
10/07/2014 13:05 BST