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Alicia Kearns

Consultant working in counter extremism and campaigning to protect and support communities at home in the UK and abroad

Consultant working in counter extremism
Courage Beyond The

Courage Beyond The March

Our march does not end once the placards are downed: we need to build stronger and more cohesive communities, and change the standard of our political discourse at dinner tables, on WhatsApp and in shops and town halls around the world. Not only to challenge inequality, but to include people who otherwise could be susceptible to the easy answers of hate.
22/01/2017 17:43 GMT
Why Aleppo's Evacuation Was No Such

Why Aleppo's Evacuation Was No Such Thing

Aleppo is not an evacuation of communities from danger to a place of refuge. It is the forced displacement of civilians from their homes. The point-blank shooting of civilians dragged from their homes by Regime soldiers and militias as reported by the UN. This is no evacuation, this is ethnic cleansing... The world has watched on as ethnic cleansing took place in Syria. We should be ashamed. The people of Aleppo continue to suffer, but does the world continue to care?
28/12/2016 15:52 GMT
Boris - Bold Or

Boris - Bold Or Brazen?

Although publicly, being a critical friend may feel right - indeed it may be right - and will be welcomed by many who want their politicians to just be honest and say what they believe, it may not be the best way to affect policy change in our ally Saudi Arabia, or the most effective diplomacy.
12/12/2016 16:09 GMT
The Tyranny Of Terrorists On

The Tyranny Of Terrorists On Twitter

Our preoccupation with social media companies is fogging our vision and preventing us from seeing the wider picture, making society feel that the answer to recruitment and radicalisation is a simple, immediately remedied problem.
03/11/2016 08:09 GMT