Alison Couper

Senior Director Global Communications,, Expedia Inc

Senior Director Global Communications,, Expedia Inc

UK Visa Changes for Chinese Visitors Are a Welcome Step

The idea is that Chinese tourists applying online to visit the UK will be able to generate a partially completed Schengen form automatically, at the same time as completing their UK application. This helps to align the process of applying for a UK visa with the Schengen visa process...
11/07/2014 13:57 BST

Brits Have Confidence in England Team as Brazil Buzz Grows

With just days to go until the Brazil World Cup begins, we're all wondering whether England will make it past the group stages and bring the cup home this year. If travel habits provide an indication of the England team's chances, the outlook is hugely positive for Roy's boys. Searches for hotels in Rio have rocketed by 528% for the period of the final, suggesting that Brits are betting on a repeat of England's 1966 World Cup win...
05/06/2014 12:57 BST

Eight Ways to Find a Good Value Break During School Holidays

Now that the weeks of wind and rain we have all see this winter seem to be over, at least for now, it's natural to crave the sunshine and look forward to a holiday. But it can be challenging to find a good value break, particularly if you want to travel during peak periods.
28/03/2014 10:36 GMT

Meet the Real Russians

One of the reasons why the UK has failed to benefit fully from the increase in Russian tourists is that transport links between the UK and Russia have been mostly limited to London and Moscow. However, new flight routes launched earlier this year between these cities and between Moscow and Manchester, are making the UK more accessible.
23/12/2013 11:56 GMT

Rising Hotel Prices Show Signs of Global Recovery

Not only are people travelling more, they are spending a little more too. Globally, the average price that travellers paid per night for hotel rooms rose by two per cent, approaching levels not seen since before the economic crisis in 2008/9.
25/10/2013 11:33 BST

Olympics Legacy Boosts British Tourism

There is no doubt that British patriotism is at an all-time high after last year's Diamond Jubilee, followed by the hugely successful Olympic Games, and now we're back in the global spotlight with the birth of the 'Prince of Cambridge'. The media has been unanimous in celebrating "brand Britain", but how does this translate to how the UK is viewed by the rest of the world?
30/07/2013 13:45 BST

Brazil Seeing Tourism Boost as World Cup Looms Closer

With hotel rates in many of Brazil's traditional tourist destinations being driven up by the country's growing economy, the rising numbers of business travellers from overseas, and its increasing popularity as a holiday hotspot, visitors are starting to look further afield.
22/07/2013 15:35 BST

Why Are the UK's Holiday Habits Changing?

Now that spring has finally sprung, it's not surprising that many of us have started to think about where we'd like to holiday this year. The promise of sun, sea and sand in some exotic location far, far away can be a heady concoction, but what we're actually seeing is a rise in Brits holidaying closer to home, city breaks and 'staycations'.
05/05/2013 23:46 BST