Alison E. Wise

American in London, feminist, fashion/costume designer, DJ, founder of the 'Rock n Roll Camden Walking Tours' - basically, a renaissance woman

I grew up in Southern California but the sounds of Britpop called me over to London on holiday back in 1997 and then I moved here permanently in 2000. I have two Bachelor Degrees; one in Fashion Design and one in Media Production.

I'm a freelance Fashion/Costume Designer for alicat designs, DJ aka: DJ alicat, Social Media Blogger for TVcheck, Door Girl, Part Time Sassy Assistant for Stuntfox and I also work at the Natural History Museum. I recently started a 'Rock n Roll Camden Walking Tour' to share my love and knowledge of music with the world.
How to Survive When Your Company Goes Into

How to Survive When Your Company Goes Into Administration

Seven of the places I worked at have gone bankrupt... well, make that eight now (I kinda have a curse) - I was a 'seasonal employee' at HMV for two Christmases. I'm still friends with many of the people I worked with at HMV and I see their frustration, anger, and sadness expressed on Facebook. I understand what they are going through because I've been through it too. Here's some tips to help them try and survive this horrible experience with some of their sanity intact.
18/01/2013 20:01 GMT
Why I Started the Rock n'Roll Camden Walking

Why I Started the Rock n'Roll Camden Walking Tours

We could feel that Camden was different than anything we knew in California. Southern California was hot and bright, the Santa Anna winds dried out your skin and messed up your hair. I was using SPF 50 and had my hair cut like Justine from Elastica. I didn't fit in to say the least. But when I was in Camden I felt like I finally fit in.
19/06/2012 13:44 BST