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Amanda Elias

Skincare Specialist, Mummy, Wife to be of a Parkinson's warrior.

Since beginning my skincare journey at 14, to qualifying as a beauty therapist and working as a facialist, I developed my own range of salon quality cosmeceuticals which I run with my fiance and a wonderful team. I love everything to do with skincare and in this industry you are constantly learning. I regularly attend seminars to increase my knowledge and understanding, both of the skin and the new skincare ingredients in development. My dream has always been to provide the best skincare which is also affordable. I'm not about hard selling, good advice and quality products speak for themselves. I don't claim to be an expert, that would mean I know everything, far from it, I learn daily and I absolutely love it! I hope you find my blogs helpful and informative.
Is Anti-Ageing A Dirty

Is Anti-Ageing A Dirty Word?

The word anti-ageing is being thrown around a lot these days and many people don't know how to feel about it. On one hand it's a dirty phrase, invented by skincare companies to shame women in to thinking lines and wrinkles make them ugly and undesirable, on the other hand it's there to describe products that may help to slow down the appearance of ageing on our skin.
10/10/2017 10:38 BST
Eight Tips For Shaving Sensitive

Eight Tips For Shaving Sensitive Skin

My legs are hypersensitive, shaving, waxing, a blade of grass, anything can set them off - it's extremely frustrating. Here are my skincare tips on hair removal, which will hopefully stop, or at least dramatically reduce, the irritation you may experience. These tips are also useful for men who may experience sensitivity when shaving their face.
11/07/2017 13:38 BST
Chicken Pox, How To Soothe And Reduce The Chances Of

Chicken Pox, How To Soothe And Reduce The Chances Of Scarring

Here is what I did use. Her scabs were practically gone in a week, we're now four weeks on, and while she still has a few crusts in her scalp, her body only has the tiniest of pink dots left over, and as far as I can tell she has no indented scarring anywhere on her face or body.
16/06/2017 12:26 BST
I Met My Fiancé On His Stag Night - Parkinson's Awareness

I Met My Fiancé On His Stag Night - Parkinson's Awareness Week

I picked him up at Swansea station, he came in for a hug and as he always laughs, I jumped back. The reason I jumped was because I felt something I hadn't felt before, my body lit up, it felt like sparks were flying through me, that thunder bolt when two souls re-connect - it's true people!
11/04/2017 11:18 BST
When Is It OK To Laugh At People With

When Is It OK To Laugh At People With Disabilities?

I get it, people don't understand Parkinson's, it's just a condition that makes you shake right? Wrong, sadly very very wrong. The thing with Parkinson's is that there is no one box fits all label, each sufferer will experience different symptoms.
06/02/2017 13:39 GMT
You Really Aren't As Unattractive As You Think You

You Really Aren't As Unattractive As You Think You Are

I know I'm guilty of it, my 13 year old is guilty of it, heck I know my mother is guilty of it, we can't help it. This is something that we HAVE to work on, the TV isn't going to disappear, we can't avoid all of the glossy magazines
30/12/2016 12:16 GMT
No, Don't Eat The Cake! Stop Weight Loss

No, Don't Eat The Cake! Stop Weight Loss Shaming!

Something I've seen a lot of on the old WWW lately, particularly Instagram, are some posts and images from women who are helping to empower other women by feeling confident in their own skin. This, of course, is marvellous.
11/10/2016 15:24 BST
The Hidden Danger of Fake

The Hidden Danger of Fake Tan

I'm not saying that everyone should give up their tan, if it's fake, safe and makes you happy then by all means, carry on. The same could be said about things like make-up and hair colour, as long as we explain to our young ones that it's all about creativity and having fun rather than it being a necessity to look good in society, why not. But as influencers to younger people I do feel we should be conscious of our actions.
28/06/2016 16:10 BST
Celebrity Advertising, Annoying or

Celebrity Advertising, Annoying or Useful?

As a business owner I have tried many different kinds of advertising, from papers, to radio, to magazines (including Vogue) etc and you know what works best? Celebrity advertising.
26/08/2015 18:21 BST
How to Be a Beautiful

How to Be a Beautiful Teenager

I know you think I'm strict but I do it because I love you and it's my job to protect you, remember you can talk to me about anything, ANYTHING. I can't always promise to contain my initial anger if you've really messed up, but I promise to always listen and try and help.
10/08/2015 12:11 BST
15 Skincare Tips for

15 Skincare Tips for Teenagers

Although I was a teenager half of my life ago, I still remember the nightmare of acne, blackheads and nothing working to solve them, I also remember all the things I did wrong.
28/01/2015 14:30 GMT
Ten Tips for Gorgeous Skin This

Ten Tips for Gorgeous Skin This Winter

Central heating takes moisture out from the air; try leaving a dish of water near your radiators which will act as a humidifier to help replace the moisture that's lost - you can also add a few drops of aromatherapy oil to fragrance your room.
10/11/2014 09:50 GMT
Get Beautiful, Soft, Plump Lips...Don't Scrub

Get Beautiful, Soft, Plump Lips...Don't Scrub Them!

Ok this is going to be a bit controversial because a lot of beauty bloggers give tips on exfoliating the lips, some skincare brands sell lip scrubs but I'm going to tell you why you shouldn't exfoliate your lips.
28/10/2014 12:57 GMT
Do You Have a Bitchy, Resting

Do You Have a Bitchy, Resting Face?

I lived in London in my 20's and quite often had comments such as "smile, it may never happen" or "cheer up love" and I didn't really understand, was I meant to walk around with a continuous smile on my face?
19/09/2014 12:33 BST
It's All About the

It's All About the Eyebrows

Eyebrows are extremely important, if you haven't seen the pictures of celebrities without eyebrows circulating then you definitely want to google it, if not just to laugh but to also see how annoyingly beautiful Jessica Alba still looks!
11/08/2014 15:37 BST
The Mythologies of the Beauty

The Mythologies of the Beauty World

Dry skin causes wrinkles< - False, even oily skin can become wrinkled if you don't look after your skin. Avoid sunbathing and tanning booths, always wear an SPF, regularly exfoliate and cleanse and moisturise daily. I'm also a big advocate of meditation, it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile.
06/08/2014 13:26 BST