Amanda Marks

Co-founder of Tribes Travel

Amanda Marks is the managing director of Tribes Travel which she co-founded with her husband Guy Marks in 1998. Amanda started her travelling life in the 80’s as an overland tour leader driving trucks around Egypt and the Middle East, and also from the UK to Zimbabwe on 6 month camping trips. These days she prefers rather more luxury on her travels but still loves getting out of her comfort zone now and then to feel that thrill of the new.

Having married and settled in Suffolk, Amanda and Guy started Tribes Travel on virtually no money and grew the business organically. The company was founded on strong principles of sustainable and responsible tourism. It aims to provide clients with the best possible holiday that they could hope for, whilst minimizing any possible harm and maximizing any potential benefit to our world.

Being a pioneer of sustainable travel, Tribes has won many awards over the years including:
· British Airways Tourism for Tomorrow Award : Global winner 2002

· Responsible Tourism Award: Overall winner 2005

· British Travel Award for most Environmentally and Socially Responsible Small Tour Operator 2009 and 2010

· World Travel Award for World’s Leading Green Tour Operator 2008, 2009, 2010

Amanda oversees the African portfolio of the company while Guy manages Asia and South America. Having a background in marketing, Amanda also manages the marketing of Tribes. This includes doing talks and presentations at events and exhibitions such as Destinations and the British Birdwatching Fair, and writing many articles.

Amanda and Guy have two children with whom they travel regularly, so family travel is an important aspect of the help they can provide to travellers.

The Tribes Foundation is a charity which backs grassroots projects such as children's orphanages, wildlife conservation and health centres. Every single booking with Tribes Travel helps this charity. Amanda is a trustee.

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