Amanda Statham

Travel editor of Cosmopolitan UK, travel writer, mum-of-two

Cosmo's globetrotter (61 countries so far!), travel editor of Wedding Venues magazine, celebrity editor of Family Traveller mag and freelancer for the nationals, I'm as happy in a VW Camper in Cornwall as I am in a five-star in the Seychelles (though if you're going to make me choose, I'll take the Indian Ocean island option). I've jumped off waterfalls in Bavaria, tracked leopards in Oman, dived with 40 sharks in the Galapagos, learnt to surf hungover in Hawaii, circled Mount Everest and danced in Trinidad Carnival covered in mud at sunrise. Now I have two kids, Sonny (6) and Sol (2), I'm still travelling the globe, only with a lot more handluggage and wet wipes.