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Amelia Amin

London-liver, LSE Anthro grad, Physio in training.

Amelia is an Anthropology graduate from the London School of Economics, who worked as a junior journalist for a few news platforms, and then as an analyst for an intelligence agency, before moving on to continue further studies. She blogs for Huffington post in her free time and also on London entertainment on her website
A Sense-Sational

A Sense-Sational Birthday

In Dans le Noir, a dining in pitch-black experience in Farringdon in London, vision is rendered obsolete and your other faculties are forced to pull the weight. Touch a good contender for centre stage
28/02/2017 11:25 GMT
Is Seeing Believing? Dans le Noir?

Is Seeing Believing? Dans le Noir? Review

On Saturday night my boyfriend and I went out for a meal in the city. It was an expensive 3 course meal, including wine and cocktails. But there was something different about this dining experience which set it apart from, and made it superior to, all others. We dined at Dans le Noir? in Farringdon, in the pitch black, and had no idea what we were eating.
05/07/2016 09:24 BST
Baffled at Brexit and Awkwardly

Baffled at Brexit and Awkwardly British

Right now in the midst of defeat, let's hold on to our values, keep pushing for what we believe in, and be hopeful for the future. Oh and although it's somewhat unrelated, let's try to keep that nutter Donald Trump as far away from f*****g power as we can. We can do this!
24/06/2016 15:50 BST

London Musings

A few weeks ago, after a stressful day at work in the city I came home to find Ed stretched happily across the sofa like a contented cat who'd got the cream. He told me he'd realised that in London you can do literally anything you want. And I guess that, funds allowing, that's pretty much true.
14/06/2016 11:21 BST
Berlin Does it Better at Secret Cinema X

Berlin Does it Better at Secret Cinema X Event

If you're after a clubbing experience like this though you might be saddened to know that these one-night-only events are as secret as the more widely known Secret Cinema nights. Before you get there you'll only know that you're in for a good night, but nothing else is given away.
31/03/2016 11:45 BST
Secret Cinema Review - 'Tell No One'

Secret Cinema Review - 'Tell No One' Theme

As I was following my secret map to the Secret Cinema (SC) location last night I heard a costume-clad SC goer saying to her friend 'Oh It's SOOO much more than just watching a film'. Her friend was clearly a sceptical first-timer who needed some convincing.
08/03/2016 11:48 GMT
Isis - Their Version of

Isis - Their Version of Islam

ISIS, and its warped manipulation of a faith that so many Muslims treasure, needs to be stopped. What they are doing is brutal, bloodthirsty, and vulgar. Our global solidarity against this dangerous group is our greatest weapon, and together, be we Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, atheist or agnostic, we need to harness this might, in order to combat them effectively. Understanding them to the best of our ability, is the first step.
20/11/2015 14:08 GMT
A New Hope for Traditional

A New Hope for Traditional Cinema?

I just love what Secret Cinema does; it makes you feel special. From the second you arrive, disguised, and in-character (you're assigned a unique ID) you're made to feel like part of the film.
15/06/2015 23:12 BST
Is Chivalry Incompatible With

Is Chivalry Incompatible With Feminism?

Is it fair that men still have to abide by the age-old practice of demonstrating their commitment, and self-worth, through picking up the bill on a first date? Surely this dated etiquette is just sexism of the highest order.
16/04/2015 14:11 BST
Sunni and Shia Islam- What's The Origin of The

Sunni and Shia Islam- What's The Origin of The Split?

The differences between Sunni and Shia Islam are political in origin, and remain so to this day. The way that Muslims are positioned throughout the world (70% Sunni, and 20% Shia) has heavily informed the politics of various countries and created much geopolitical tension and associated extremism between the two sects.
02/05/2014 17:37 BST
Why Is the UK Facilitating Oppression in

Why Is the UK Facilitating Oppression in Bahrain?

The future for Bahrain is uncertain. However, one certainty amidst the chaos, is that change is Bahrain will remain a mirage so long as the king is bolstered by so much international support. Let's not beat about the bush, the British government is publicly supporting a oppressive and undemocratic government in Bahrain.
28/02/2014 17:22 GMT