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Amy Anka is an entrepreneur with a quirky sense of style. Always honest, she has a unique knack for telling it how it is, and puts a humorous spin on the goings on in her life. A self confessed Peter Pan, she seems to be forever chasing a rainbow. She is on a spiritual journey and maddens people with her little ways. Astrology, destiny, spiritual guru's, naturopaths, Chinese Herbalists - her philosophy is whatever gets you to where you need to go. Amy is currently the director of a nation-wide chauffeur booking agency & started her own blog in November 2012
Is It True? Is It Kind? Is It

Is It True? Is It Kind? Is It Necessary?

So today, I would like to take this opportunity to openly express my dislike for this new "dislike" button that is soon to potentially be added to our options of how we choose to interact on the biggest social media site - "Facebook".
21/09/2015 13:10 BST

"You Can Have It All - Just Not All at Once."

If what you truly want in life is balance, tranquility, and peace - set about making that happen for you. Stop pointing the finger. Stop bitching about it. Stop blaming everyone else, and allow yourself to make the choice once and for all.
22/06/2015 12:14 BST
A Letter to My Little

A Letter to My Little Sister

You are my blood. My family. My friend. As I am yours. And it is a huge honour that you chose ME to stand beside you on your wedding day.
26/05/2015 09:47 BST

Excess Baggage

By having a lighter load, you are able to get to where you need to go much faster. You have nothing additional weighing you down. It makes the journey that much easier. And you allow yourself the freedom to travel that much easier.
22/04/2015 12:53 BST
You've Got

You've Got This...

All you have to do, is send your thoughts, and feelings out into the universe, and watch and see what happens. And not let fear of the unknown hold you in a place where you are afraid of every new thing that crosses your path.
23/03/2015 16:17 GMT
Our First And Last

Our First And Last Love...

Like Jean-Paul Sartre, the French Philosopher once said "If you are lonely when you're alone, you are in bad company". I truly believe that until you are content within your own company, you are always going to be attracting someone into your life that is lacking something in some way.
10/03/2015 16:31 GMT


If we are always projecting, and reflecting, then the people we are surrounded by, should give us an indication of the type of love that surrounds us. Of what we put out into the universe, we get back.
16/02/2015 11:08 GMT
The Missing Pieces of the

The Missing Pieces of the Puzzle

If you're missing the pieces from your own "life puzzle", you can never expect to take those pieces from someone else's. Whose puzzle looks very, very different from your own. If you do, You'll always be searching for that "missing piece". Tirelessly searching. And often fruitlessly.
16/02/2015 11:02 GMT
Is 'One' the Loneliest

Is 'One' the Loneliest Number?

I had a conversation the other night with a gentleman in his 50's, who also admitted something similar. That he suffers from "loneliness". I was so sad upon hearing this. Vulnerability always does that to me. Moves me in inexplicable ways. A lot of us get lonely at times, yet we are often too afraid, or too embarrassed to admit it.
16/10/2014 13:11 BST
My Heart, My Mind, and My

My Heart, My Mind, and My Balls

I've taken off again like a gypsy. I am currently in a small town in Northern Thailand, called Pai, in Mae Hong Son province near the Myanmar border which lies along the Pai river, staying with my soul sister.
24/09/2014 16:11 BST
The Diamond Necklace Around Your

The Diamond Necklace Around Your Neck

It's taken a long time to learn to love myself. Your self-esteem, and your ego take quite a battering when you end a relationship. Particularly a marriage. You are judged by almost everyone, as a "divorced woman". You are feared and pitied all at once.
18/08/2014 15:04 BST
Whatever's Good For Your Soul? Do

Whatever's Good For Your Soul? Do That

Today I was one of the many affected by the power outage at Sydney Airport. It all comes down to Mercury Retrograde you know....but I'm not going to start with that sort of shit in today's article... Yes, I was planning on leaving yet again.
30/06/2014 15:32 BST
Life Is a Long Lesson in

Life Is a Long Lesson in Humility

I remember everything from conversations I've had, to outfits I've worn, to meals I've eaten. And I remember the things people have said to me. It's not that I harbour grudges. I don't. But like the saying goes, I never forget the way someone has made me feel.
20/05/2014 13:21 BST
Nothing Is Permanent But

Nothing Is Permanent But Change

Sometimes you can go on, feeling a certain way for the longest time, and then in an instant, everything changes. Something shifts within us. And suddenly, we can't even remember the way we used to feel. We only know how we feel now.
14/04/2014 13:28 BST
Practising an 'Attitude of

Practising an 'Attitude of Gratitude'

I think all of us have minor meltdowns over the most trivial things, and looking back on the shit I mentally complained about through the week, really made me slap myself, and think - I am so ungrateful sometimes.
07/04/2014 15:30 BST
A Little

A Little Compassion...

When did everyone become so mean anyway? We all have our secret sorrows. We all have our hidden hurts. And try to remember, that nobody really knows what goes on behind closed doors.
31/03/2014 12:49 BST
Going Into Your

Going Into Your Shell

I have been venting my anger and sadness through the written word. I email my friend, and send her my unpublished articles. "No. You cannot publish that." She tells me. I become frustrated. "You are trapped in a loop." She goes on.
24/03/2014 12:53 GMT
Like Attracts

Like Attracts Like

Why would you want someone who is distant? Someone who shows no interest in you as a person? Who doesn't support and encourage your dreams and passions? Someone unavailable? Why even go there? It can only end in heartbreak. A lot of men are unavailable. They may be emotionally immature, just in it for a good time, or worse yet - married.
17/02/2014 12:24 GMT

Blurred Lines

Can men and women ever be just friends? I wondered this out loud on Saturday night as I was sitting down to dinner with a girlfriend. "No" she told me, matter of factly. "No?" I asked. I was a little crushed. I love men as friends. In fact, sometimes I prefer their company over women's. They generally think from a logical place rather than an emotional one, and they are often the voice of reason.
10/02/2014 15:10 GMT