Amy Baker

Freelance travel and lifestyle writer

Amy Baker is a freelance writer and blogger living in London. As we speak, she's hard at work penning a humour memoir about what happens in your head and heart when you embark on solo adventures around the globe.

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The Race Is On... But Is It Just With Ourselves?

I want success. I'd like awards, people to carry my stuff and to applaud points I make in public arenas. But, and here's the kicker, methodically working through all of the steps it takes to reach such lofty goals is a complete ballache.
17/03/2016 12:40 GMT

Today Is the Best Day of 2016!

For those of you currently schlepping through your Monday, having to drag every weary finger across the keyboard and put your whole body weight into bashing that space bar... know this... elsewhere in the world people are starting the week strong.
22/02/2016 23:42 GMT

The Art of Tricking Yourself Into Being Productive

Gone will be the bi-hourly 10-minute hiatus from my tasks in which I play my favourite lone-game - "How many cats can I see from my window?" Some days this can be the best game ever, others I'm just left sad.
19/02/2016 14:22 GMT

Five Alternative Valentine's Gifts for a 21st Century Girl

As Valentine's Day is largely pointless, since flowers die, chocolate is bad for you and teddy bears are irritating items you'll eventually need to find hiding places for, perhaps it's time to update this tired tradition to make it more meaningful in the real world of the 21st Century. To get your creative juices flowing, here are a few suggestions designed to retain their lustre come Sunday morning...
11/02/2016 11:42 GMT

Stay In - It's Safer

By staying home, you're winning at life. You're protesting the system, man. Refusing to feed the machine. No one will know you're protesting of course, because even heat-sensing helicopters won't be able to detect you under nine blankets, but who cares. You know.
09/12/2015 11:06 GMT

The Top Five All-American Activities

There is only one thing that I find brings cheer at this wretched time when it feels like it's dark again before you've really even opened your eyes. Planning your next holiday!
14/01/2015 14:52 GMT

This Post About Christmas In November Is For Your Own Good

I am fully aware that the title of this article is likely to incite rage across the nation. How can I possibly be mentioning Christmas when we are barely in November? What kind of fairy light loving, sugared almond addict must I be to bring up my second least favourite C-word so early on in the year? I mean, the clocks have only just gone back for Pete's sake!
05/11/2014 11:39 GMT

Is Glastonbury Worth the Ticket Buying Hassle?

Come Sunday morning, the nation will be shaken awake by the collective groans of thousands of music lovers as they drag themselves prematurely from their beds hoping to get tickets to Glastonbury Music Festival.
01/10/2014 15:09 BST

Five Tips for Getting Glastonbury Tickets

If you haven't tried to get tickets before, you should know that it is not the most simple of processes. That's an understatement - it is horrible. You have to get up early and battle against every other sane human in the UK, and God knows where else, who knows the importance of securing their tickets to Worthy Farm next June no matter what the cost.
29/09/2014 17:36 BST

Five Reasons to Choose a Yachting Holiday

Beyoncé and Jay Z just did it it. Kate and Cara are rather partial to it. In fact, at some time or other, most A Listers are papped lounging around aboard luxury yachts, drinking champagne in between bouts of filling in their millions of loyal Instagram followers on their newest bikini, baby or tattoo.
25/09/2014 13:24 BST

The Terrible Reality of Climbing a Mountain

Have you ever wanted to lie down and die? To give up and fall theatrically to your bruised knees right where you stand because you have absolutely no strength left, everything hurts and it would just be easier to give up. That is how I felt...
16/09/2014 12:44 BST

The Moment You Realise You're the Oldest Person at the Gig

It was then I realised why being double the average age in that venue was such a shock to the system. The disdain I felt was merely a thinly veiled disguise for my jealousy. I was just envious that I haven't got the energy to get that excited on a Wednesday night.
26/08/2014 15:52 BST

What It Feels Like to Return to London

I'm hot, sweaty and wishing more than anything that the guy behind me would stop leaning against me breathing alcohol fumes in my face. Sadly there is no room to escape. I am crammed into a tube carriage, with my 60-litre, mud-covered backpack, dodging evil looks from commuters because I made the fatal faux pas of passing through central London at 8:30am on a Friday morning.
15/08/2014 08:44 BST