Amy Shefik

Fun, Freedom & Fulfilment Coach.

I am a Fun, Freedom & Fulfilment in their life and career. I help them get un-stuck and put a plan of action in place for achieving their vision of success and happiness. I believe that life is meant to be lived fully and on your own terms. There’s no time to be miserable following the “life formula” that so many people feel pressured into. Through my own struggles with a quarter life crisis I have come to fully embrace the perspective that life is about having as much fun as possible, being 100% yourself and doing what you love.
How To Proactively Start Creating Your Dream Life

How To Proactively Start Creating Your Dream Life Now!

Now I'm the person who knows exactly what she wants and takes action towards it every single day. I have goals and dreams and while I'm super driven and determined, there are times when I have to deal with those thoughts of, "What if this doesn't work? Or, Why hasn't this happened yet?"
10/08/2017 13:32 BST
Don't Die With Your Masterpiece Still Inside

Don't Die With Your Masterpiece Still Inside You!

It really troubles me to see this happen in people all the time, it's like they go along blissfully unaware that they're gonna die. Listen to me people, we only have a finite amount of time here! Please don't let insecurity and fear stop you from sharing your gifts with the world.
22/06/2017 14:28 BST
Values Vs

Values Vs Expectations

A requirement of being a personal development enthusiast and an entrepreneur is to always keep learning and growing. One of the ways I do this is to read, and I read a lot! Luckily I love it so it doesn't feel like a chore.
24/01/2017 13:03 GMT
Keep This In Mind When Starting Something

Keep This In Mind When Starting Something New

These are just four of the many notes and quotes I got from one of the amazing coaches I have worked with. She and her husband had been to the Titan Summit in Zurich which was four days of talks from some of the best thought leaders and inspirational entrepreneurs the world has to offer.
10/01/2017 14:54 GMT

Pushing Boundaries

What could you be doing today to push your boundaries on behalf of your version of success? What could the future version of you be thankful to the present version of you for doing?
09/11/2016 12:02 GMT
Are You Sabotaging

Are You Sabotaging Yourself?

When I think back to the beginning of the year when I was still struggling with my quarter-life-crisis, there were so many things I was doing that were totally sabotaging my happiness and success, I just didn't realise I was doing them.
02/11/2016 12:46 GMT
Five Steps To Deal With

Five Steps To Deal With Anxiety

My anxiety took the form of depression, stress, stomach problems, regular colds and flu, procrastination, near panic attacks, not sleeping or eating properly and loneliness because I was keeping myself away from my friends so I didn't have to talk about my life.
12/10/2016 17:13 BST
The Things You Need To Find Your

The Things You Need To Find Your Purpose

You see it's only when you clean off the crap that you can see what's shiny and beautiful underneath. It allows you the space to think big, dig deep and realise where your skills align with your values.
10/10/2016 11:55 BST
How To Deal With Moody

How To Deal With Moody People

One of the best pieces of advice I have ever been given about leading a positive and inspiring life, is to take yourself away from negative people and situations. Our environment and the people we spend our time with have a huge impact on our happiness and success.
29/09/2016 10:28 BST
Setting Yourself Up For

Setting Yourself Up For Success!

I was recently having a conversation with a friend where he was doing just that. It was interesting to me because I can definitely remember times where I've done it too. I've initially resisted the paths that I would end up taking, because they felt either too hard or too easy. Yes, you read that right, too easy and it would seem that I am not the only one who does this.
23/09/2016 12:12 BST
How To Feel Younger And Have More

How To Feel Younger And Have More Fun!

Do you ever feel too old? When was the point in our lives when we became too old for stuff? It seems like a blurry memory of some point in my mid 20's when I felt like it for the first time. When you've transitioned into being a proper grown up, you're supposed to have it together, earn respect and NOT FAIL OR LOOK STUPID!
14/09/2016 15:39 BST
Getting To Know My Fear

Getting To Know My Fear Monkey

I came to understand that my fear monkey was, by it's nature, scared. This prompted me to change the way I was dealing with it, I mean if someone came to you and they were scared about something you wouldn't tell them to f**k off right? You would try and calm them down. This was the new approach I took with my fear monkey and it seemed to start working.
07/09/2016 11:29 BST