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Anastasia Dedyukhina

Coach, TEDx speaker, author of Homo Distractus, founder of Consciously Digital

Dr Anastasia Dedyukhina is a coach, TEDx and public speaker, and author of Homo Distractus. She got rid of her smartphone as well as her senior international career in digital marketing, when she realised how dependent she had become on her gadget. She eventually set up Consciously Digital, a consultancy that helps people and organizations develop a healthier relationship with technology. She is frequently quoted in the press (BBC, The Guardian, Metro etc) talking about tech-life balance and the importance of ethical technology.
Is Your Phone An Enemy To

Is Your Phone An Enemy To Creativity?

Unplugging is a hot trend among creatives. A US rapper Kanye West famously tweeted that he got rid of his smartphone to have "air to create". British musician Ed Sheeran, according to some critics, wrote his "best album ever yet" after taking a full digital detox.
01/11/2017 11:32 GMT
Seven Things To Learn From Tech Execs Who Limit Their Kids' Tech

Seven Things To Learn From Tech Execs Who Limit Their Kids' Tech Usage

Tech executives know all the ins and outs of online world, and this is why they know what to allow, and where to safeguard their kids. Technology is a different reality, and just as you are showing them how the real world works, so you should be doing with the virtual one.
17/10/2017 12:00 BST
How I Cope With Digital

How I Cope With Digital Procrastination

Completing this one important thing in the morning gave me an incredible energy boost to do other things, and a deep satisfaction by myself even before lunch. On the other hand, if I tried tackling small things like sorting out emails first "for the peace of mind", I ended up frustrated and not really having enough concentration to do the big thing afterwards.
06/02/2017 15:28 GMT
Should Employees Be Kept on a Digital

Should Employees Be Kept on a Digital Leash?

Most companies I worked for expected their employees to be accessible by email, skype or phone both during and outside of the working hours. In other words, I had to constantly check my devices to make sure I don't miss anything important.
26/04/2016 13:57 BST
Do You Need a Social Media

Do You Need a Social Media Diet?

We obviously know that social media represents an idealized version of people's lives, but still can't help envying them. In fact, a few years ago German researchers found that the main motivation of people going on Facebook was to get social gains in reputation and improve their social status. In other words, comparison is inevitable.
08/04/2016 17:31 BST
How You Scare Away the

How You Scare Away the Money

Your body is the first to know whether you have any blocks around money. It will know that faster than your brain (no wonder, as it has millions of nerve cells perceiving information!). You will feel discomfort or a liberating sensation when thinking about spending it in a particular way.
26/02/2016 11:12 GMT
How Technology Ruins Your Love Life and What to Do About

How Technology Ruins Your Love Life and What to Do About It

An appalling 75% of women say that their digital devices ruin their relationships and intimacy. Conflicts within the couples, higher rates of depression and lower life satisfaction is the price we pay for staying connected all the time. Alarmingly, younger people are even more likely to report tension in their relationships over technology use.
14/02/2016 19:49 GMT
A Right for

A Right for Silence

Have you ever wondered why the most prestigious areas in the city are usually the quietest? Why executive business lounges in the airports have no bright screens/ads/loud music/shouting announcement (very different from normal waiting areas)?
26/01/2016 15:35 GMT
How to Organize Your Guilt-Free Digital Detox

How to Organize Your Guilt-Free Digital Detox Holidays

Christmas break is a great legitimate time to allow your brain to have some rest from the excessive stimulation that online brings to our lives and process all information you've been feeding your brain with over the past months.
18/12/2015 11:28 GMT
Seven Lessons I Learned to Become an

Seven Lessons I Learned to Become an Entrepreneur

Have you always wanted to do something meaningful? Are you longing to lead a life that will really make you feel truly fulfilled? Want to build your business, or make a real change in the world? Do you know deep inside what you really wish for, and yet sense that something is holding you back? Here are seven lessons I've learned from the first year of being a solo entrepreneur.
16/11/2015 10:28 GMT
Happy Birthday to

Happy Birthday to Me

Did the situation really change? Only in my head (how cool is that?). I made calculations and figured out what I could cut on if I were to work with her. I mentally got rid of everything inessential and discovered that I won't suffer much if I had to give it up.
03/11/2015 12:13 GMT
The Importance of Being

The Importance of Being Bored

Boredom reminds me of water that's put under pressure in a steam engine - if you open the tank slightly once in a while to release the pressure, the water will eventually all boil away, and the engine won't work. But if you keep it under pressure all the time, the steam might become so intense that it will make the engine work and the machine will start moving.
09/09/2015 17:18 BST
What I Learned About Myself After Half a Year of Digital

What I Learned About Myself After Half a Year of Digital Detoxing

Giving up my smartphone was the first step, and several weeks ago I decided to go deeper and declutter my home... I took a radical step and got rid of all tech devices at home, either moving them into my office (they're productivity tools after all, aren't they?) or selling them.
31/07/2015 17:53 BST