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Andrea Carlo

Anglo-Italian Oxfordian, poet, aspiring singer-songwriter/artist and commentator on socio-political issues

Andrea Carlo is from Milan, Italy, where he was born; he spent his early childhood in Ireland; and has lived in the UK since 2005, when he moved to Windsor at the age of eight. He won an academic scholarship aged thirteen, becoming editor of his school magazine, and is currently studying at Trinity College, Oxford. An award-winning, published poet and aspiring singer-songwriter/artist working on his debut record, he is particularly interested in socio-political issues within the UK and the world in general, having previously written an article for the Oxford Student paper on the collapse of the traditional political left-right spectrum.

Am I A Stranger In My Own Home? Reflections Of A European Student In Post-Brexit Britain

My ultimate fear is that, in its process of leaving the European Union, the UK will ironically end up more similar to its continental neighbours, and lose what makes it so special. I hope that the country, in having made the decision to detach itself from the continent, does not compromise its identity in order to fit a cliché mould of nationalism.
13/07/2017 16:53 BST