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Andrew Fitzmaurice

CEO, Nord Anglia Education

Andrew Fitzmaurice is Chief Executive Officer of Nord Anglia Education – a leading global education organisation. Nord Anglia Education’s network of 47 international schools around the world currently educates approximately 45,000 students aged 2 to 18 years old globally each year. While Andrew has worked in education for many years, his career began in business, where he was previously Chief Executive Officer of, an international online automobile rental company. Prior to his tenure at, Andrew spent 13 years at TNT Express UK where he served in a variety of positions, including Division Managing Director.
Can An Arts Education Save Future Careers In The Age Of

Can An Arts Education Save Future Careers In The Age Of Robots?

The initial outcomes of our analysis illustrate the impact of a well-rounded education on improving soft skills such as creativity, confidence and problem solving. In addition to fostering a love of learning and an international perspective in our students, we are trying to prepare them with the skills needed to succeed in life; skills which can never be replaced by robots or automation.
05/12/2016 13:43 GMT
Why Pokémon Go Points The Way For

Why Pokémon Go Points The Way For Educators

I agree and passionately believe that outdoor experiential education needs to be thought of as essential to a child's formal education. While the pursuit of those subjects considered "academic" in its purest sense remain critical to a well-rounded education, schools need to be more than classroom-based exam factories
06/09/2016 12:04 BST