Andrew McLean

Tech influencer, LGBT in tech advocate, producer at Disruptive. I make tech shows.

UK technology influencer, producer and broadcaster.

With specialisms in technology trends, artificial intelligence, internet of things and new technology Andrew has produced a variety of live online TV shows for the channel he co-created Disruptive.

An advocate of LGBT in Technology and diversity in technology; Andrew is the producer of LGBT Pride in London Live, host of this years Pride in London live broadcast, producer of #reboot with award winning Melissa Jun Rowley on sexism in business and producer of a 'women in technology' series.
Coding In The Closet - LGBT And The Technology

Coding In The Closet - LGBT And The Technology Industry

There is currently only one openly gay CEO in the FTSE 100, and only one in the Fortune 500. It may be that people in higher up positions still do not feel comfortable being open about their sexuality, as corporate roles have typically been dominated by white heterosexual males.
19/10/2017 15:22 BST