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Andrew Telling

Film maker, voice artist and eternally struggling musician

Andrew is a qualified Marine Biologist and CAA certified UAV pilot with over 20 years in the film and broadcast industry. BBC trained, Andrew now runs Orange Planet Pictures specialising in science, conservation and animal welfare.He also works as a voice artist and spends a lot of his time writing and performing music. Big animal lover too!

Jill Robinson: Creating Change From the Inside

In just a few months, Orange Planet Pictures will release a film to reveal the life of a person we believe to be of great significance in 21st Century animal welfare. 'To The Moon and Back' summates the life of Jill Robinson who has worked within China and Vietnam to bring an end to the unimaginable horrors of bear bile farming...
03/08/2016 10:07 BST

25 Rules for Using a Website Comments Section

Of course, there are many balanced, intelligent humans who add positively to a conversation. But these rules are for the less-enlightened who flock to any and every site and define themselves through their bottom-dwelling 'contributions'.
27/01/2016 17:49 GMT

They Say We Want A Resolution?

New Year is a perfect time for a bit of reflection; after all, it's a time when we quite naturally reset out psychological clocks. But it's certainly not a time to be man-handled in to making big and bold decisions about how we should look or the way we should feel.
31/12/2015 17:11 GMT

Elderly Loneliness and an Amazing Story Almost Never Told

The world is a busy place right now - there's a lot going on. And we're all just human so it's an insurmountable task to mentally absorb everything that's happening; good and bad. However, there's a UK wide issue affecting over 1 million people which never ceases to shock me. And it's an issue that most of us never think about, acknowledge or do anything about...
24/09/2015 12:42 BST

Big Game Hunters: Let's Make a Walter Palmer Out of the Lot of Them

I don't care what the law says - I DO NOT recognise big game hunting as 'legal'. Laws maintain peace and order and shooting a lion for fun does not fall in to that category. In fact, I cannot believe such laws exist in the first place other than to perpetuate a centuries old paradigm that has no place in 21st Century thinking and the subsequent evolution of understanding and reasoning.
31/07/2015 12:44 BST

Pro Fox Hunting? It's Misinformation, Poor Logic and Contradiction.

There is little more emotive right now that the potential repeal of the fox hunting ban. My position is simple. I'm 100% against fox hunting. But, in the interests of understanding I've tried, with an open mind, to look at the pro-hunting lobby with a view to appreciate their stance.
13/07/2015 17:24 BST

The Yulin Festival - Welcome to the Worst Place on Earth

If we park the notion that eating cat and dog meat is cruel, which it is, we're left with logistics and mechanics of the process. Where do the dogs and cats come from? How are they stored and transported? How are they killed? How are they cooked? Unsurprisingly, the story gets worse.
22/06/2015 12:17 BST

BBC - Turning a Fracas in to a Crisis

Irrespective of what the 'fracas' involved, one gets the impression that a certain sector of the BBC has been gunning for Clarkson's head for many years. And why? Because he simply conducts himself onscreen in the same manner as the viewers. By being real. By being himself.
11/03/2015 12:57 GMT

Is ANYBODY Going to Sort Out the Traffic Jams?

This country has the mother of all problems. Actually, it has a few but for the sake of this piece, I'll stick to just one. And boy, it's sprawling behemoth of an issue. And such is its potency that there's not a person alive who can't deny its existence and can't claim it won't get worse...
13/11/2014 15:18 GMT

Up the Amazon Without a Paddle - A Bad Reviewers Review

Companies placing responsibility in the hands of the public is both bold and precarious. Nowhere is this more evident than in the review sections that gild the product pages of Amazon. Of course, the majority serve as a valuable steer for would-be customers. Many, however, fail to reach even the most basic criteria required.
07/08/2014 11:37 BST

Animals Asia - From Farm to Freedom, Peace by Piece

From May 5th, Animals Asia will convert a bear bile farm in Nanning, China, into a sanctuary following a request by the farm to rescue and care for its 130 bears. Mr Yan Shaohong, General Manager of the bear farm, has described the decision as one fuelled by the desire for the company to get out of the increasingly unpopular and ultimately unprofitable industry.
15/04/2014 13:57 BST

Does Anyone Else Like the Sound of F1?

As the smoke settles on the Clegg / Farage discussion, so begins the next big 'Yes' / 'No' debate. I am, of course, referring to the sound of the new 2014 Formula One engines. I admit, for those who show little or no interest in this sport you would be forgiven for thinking this is an irrelevant debate wrapped in banality. But how wrong you would be.
28/03/2014 11:45 GMT

Surely the Death of BBC3 Is a Good Thing for New Talent?

The truth is, as a traditional television channel, BBC3 was always a flawed proposition that could never adequately fulfil its objectives. But online, the game changes beyond recognition. It can finally be the champion of breaking talent. It can at last be a true bastion of originality.
05/03/2014 16:56 GMT

Economy, Environment and What Nobody Will Say

If you think the National debate about the debt crisis has been vitriolic, then just wait until we reach the population tipping point. It will make the brouhaha surrounding George Osborne's strategy look like a quarrel at a kids party. But, if we really care about our legacy for the next generation, it's a debate that needs to happen.
15/01/2014 10:17 GMT