Andy Bush

Radio presenter, video gamer, part time illustrator and devout Evertonian

Daytime presenter on Absolute Radio, draws stupid stuff too.
Go Cardboard! A Review Of The

Go Cardboard! A Review Of The Opulent

Add to all this thematic extras like troublesome customers, club upgrades, random historical events, a fully functioning campaign mode and the ever present threat of getting closed down by Prohibition Agents, it would seem that The Opulent has all the raw ingredients to make the perfect gaming experience.
15/05/2017 14:01 BST
Go Cardboard! A Review Of

Go Cardboard! A Review Of Sekigahara

I don't know about you but I find it hard to wind down in the evenings. Sometimes my girlfriend and I sit there and 'watch' a tv show, but we'll both be scrolling through nonsense on phones or the iPad, so we never really properly switch off. It's the electronic distraction of modern life that's thrust me back into the arms of a relationship I'd ended in the early 90s - board gaming.
15/03/2017 14:49 GMT
Why You Need To Try A Digital

Why You Need To Try A Digital Detox

At the end of 2016 something inside me snapped. I got sick of not being able to have a proper conversation with people because their eyes kept tracking down to note incessant updates from their phone -- almost as if their little plastic PA was jealous of not getting their undivided attention.
09/03/2017 11:51 GMT
Celebs at Home: The

Celebs at Home: The Edge

Do you ever wonder if the kitchen's of the rich and famous are as messy and disorganised as ours? Does Elton John's grill perennially smoke up when he's got bacon on? Does Keith Richards curse when taking the bin out because Mick Jagger has gone and bought the cheap bin bags again? In this picture I explore the possibility of whether U2's The Edge has a messy 'odds and sods' drawer like most of us all do.
26/09/2016 11:52 BST
Celebs At Home #61: Richard

Celebs At Home #61: Richard Ashcroft

Imagine if the public figures we idolise because of how cool they are turned out to have secret hobbies that were dead nerdy or 'square'? I love the idea of Rock Gods walking off stage and heading to the nearest railway station to go train spotting, or glamorous sporting heroes finishing a vital game then racing off to play Dungeons and Dragons.
01/09/2016 15:25 BST
Celebs at Home #20: ZZ

Celebs at Home #20: ZZ Top

Bands spend lots of hours hanging out together, especially when rehearsing for a tour or writing a new album, I'm pretty sure that time must drag. In this picture I put forward what life must be like round at ZZ Top's house when it's a wet miserable Sunday afternoon. How would they entertain themselves?
25/08/2016 12:54 BST
Eat Your

Eat Your Friends

As accusations of guilt and protestations of innocence flew about under the star filled night sky it felt like we'd been teleported back 400 years to the Salem Witch Trials. It was staggering how a simple card game can provide such a fascinating looking glass into the human soul - evasion, persuasion, suspicion, suggestion you'll see it all here.
20/07/2016 11:23 BST
Celebs at Home: Johnny

Celebs at Home: Johnny Depp

Time once again to peer behind the sanitised public veil of the modern celebrity, this time we ponder whether the rich and famous have home IT problems just like the rest of us.
08/07/2016 11:09 BST
Celebs at Home: 50

Celebs at Home: 50 Cent

Time to delve once again behind the public veil of celebrity life. This time I pose the question - does rapper 50 Cent actually put together his own flat pack furniture? If so, does he get really confused and angry like the rest of us?
21/06/2016 16:31 BST
Celebs at Home: Tom

Celebs at Home: Tom Odell

Tom Odell has got a new song out called Magnetised, it's good and that but I wonder whether he's trying to send us a secret message about a superpower he has. Could this be a late bid for being in the X-Men?
14/06/2016 12:24 BST
Celebs at Holiday: Keane on

Celebs at Holiday: Keane on Holiday

Imagine seeing ZZ Top cycle past you at Center Parcs or the Stereophonics queuing behind you to see the lions at Cricket St. Thomas (near Chard)? With this in mind I have draw you a picture of how good it would be to see Keane on their band holiday. Enjoy.
04/05/2016 12:11 BST
Celebs at Home: Simon and

Celebs at Home: Simon and Garfunkel

I continue to look behind the veil of celebrity public life. I've always been fascinated by duos - they are all knowing looks and admiring glances on stage, but what are they like when they get home and kick their shoes off? Using Simon and Garfunkel as a test case I'm pretty sure that behind the scenes Art Garfunkel was a bit of a practical joker, I mean come on, look at the hair.
27/04/2016 17:33 BST
Celebs at Home: Kanye

Celebs at Home: Kanye West

Ask yourself this one question - If Kanye West burns the toast at home what does he do? I've tried my best to depict this through the medium of cartoonery...
16/03/2016 19:41 GMT
Celebs at Home: Marilyn

Celebs at Home: Marilyn Manson

If you've ever strolled into a room in the house but then can't recall what reason you went in there for in the first place then you'll have some empathy with good old Marilyn Manson. I've drawn it for you. You're welcome.
24/02/2016 07:59 GMT
Celebs at Home: Billy

Celebs at Home: Billy Idol

It's time for another glimpse behind the scenes in a Celebrity's life in my Celebs at Home series. I've always been fascinated by Billy Idol, I love the fact that you never see him out of 'rebel character'.
02/02/2016 17:01 GMT
Celebs at Home:

Celebs at Home: Kraftwerk

I'm fascinated by the 'behind the scenes' bit of celebrity life, we're all used to seeing these famous people in news papers and on our TV screens but what about those moments when they have to do normal stuff like you and me?
08/12/2015 17:30 GMT
Celebs at Home: Pet Shop

Celebs at Home: Pet Shop Boys

In the latest of my series of pictures looking behind the public veil of celebrity life we catch up with pop icons The Pet Shop Boys, at home on a Sunday afternoon.
01/12/2015 18:14 GMT
Celebs at Home: Sir Elton

Celebs at Home: Sir Elton John

I've recently embarked on a cartoon drawing project to capture the rich an famous at home doing every day life stuff.
12/11/2015 15:51 GMT
Does Macca Regret 'The Frog

Does Macca Regret 'The Frog Chorus'?

Being a DJ the only time I have to face playing 'The Frog Chorus' on air is obviously at Xmas. When I play the song I sit and wonder what the hell Sir Paul McCartney was thinking at the time and wonder if Lennon was quietly spinning in his grave.
20/10/2015 14:05 BST