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Angela Rayner

Shadow education secretary and Labour MP for Ashton-under-Lyne

Shadow education secretary and Labour MP for Ashton-under-Lyne

Only Labour Will Guarantee Every Child, No Matter What Their Background, Gets The Care They Deserve

When Labour published our manifesto today, I was particularly proud of the pledge that we will extend free universal childcare to 30 hours of free childcare a week for all 2-4 year olds - not just as shadow education secretary but as a working mum myself, who relied on the early years support that the last Labour government provided. Ensuring that every young child gets a fair start in life will transform the lives of millions.
16/05/2017 19:48 BST

A Labour Government Will Transform Education To Help Every Person Reach Their Potential

When I left school at 16 I know there will have been people who will have thought that was the end of my education. I thought it myself, to be honest. But I was lucky, there was financial support available and I wasn't held back like too many of our young people are today. Without that, I wouldn't have been able to go to college and I almost certainly wouldn't be doing this job. That's why I am so proud to launch Labour's plan for a new National Education Service, boosting schools funding and introducing free, lifelong learning as part of our commitment to create a society for the many not the few.
10/05/2017 07:39 BST

Bringing Back Selective Grammar Schools Is An Abdication Of Responsibility For Every Child In Our Country

Theresa May wants to return to an outdated system where children are placed in segregated schools depending on their exam results. And the devil take the rest. She tries to hide her divisive approach by cloaking it in warm words, but however she dresses it up, this is still selection. Still winners and many more losers. Still a minority of schools classed as 'good' and the vast majority publicly branded as 'bad'.
10/09/2016 10:10 BST

The Tories Are Harking Back to a Mythical 'Golden Age' of Grammar Schools

If Prime Minister Theresa May is serious about her recent rhetoric on the steps of Downing Street, when she said that her government would do everything it could to help "anyone, whatever your background, to go as far as your talents will take you", then she will halt this divisive campaign in its tracks. Rather than harking back to a mythical 'golden age' of grammar schools, the Tories must work tirelessly to improve every school in the country, to work with teachers to drive up standards, and to give our schools the investment they need in the 21st Century. Selection belongs in the dustbin of history and has no place in modern society. There must be no going back.
26/07/2016 17:03 BST

Stop the Hate

For years I have fought for a Parliament that reflects the diversity of the country it represents. Thanks to the support of many in the Labour movement, I arrived as a newly elected MP just over 12 months ago. A working class woman in an institution which had far too few. I want more to follow. We should glory in our diversity and demonstrate our values of inclusivity, comradeship and tolerance. We may have differences, but we are bound together by a belief in the best of human nature.
04/07/2016 07:47 BST

We Must Not Turn Our Backs on Britain's Steelworkers in Their Hour of Need

Banks were saved at massive cost when they faced difficult times and it was said to be in our economic interest. Steel has a huge impact on our manufacturing base in terms of production and employment, and the wider effect of a wave of closures would devastate supply chains as well as local and regional economies - not to mention the people and communities who rely on them. So we cannot turn our backs on them in their hour of need. The government must act now.
30/03/2016 15:55 BST

I Can't Wait to Get Started Defending the Welfare From Dismantlement by the Tories

Work and Pensions is a difficult brief. But hey, it's difficult caring for the most vulnerable people when you get little reward and little recognition. It's difficult getting rejection letters for every job you apply for. It's difficult being sanctioned when you are ten minutes late for a JobCentre appointment. We are all determined to make life just as difficult for the Tories now.
08/01/2016 13:52 GMT