Ann Fordham

Executive Director of the International Drug Policy Consortium

Ann Fordham is the Executive Director of the International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC). The IDPC is a global advocacy network that promotes open and objective debate on drug policies. Ann leads on international advocacy efforts on drug policy and human rights, specifically calling for reform of laws and policies that have proven ineffective in reducing the scale of the drug market and have negatively impacted vulnerable population groups such as people who use drugs and growers of illicit crops. She represents IDPC at international events and works with policy makers and civil society partners around the world to review and shape drug control policies towards more humane, effective approaches that are based in principles of human rights and public health.

Ann has a Masters Degree in Human Rights from Sussex University where she specialised in human rights and harm reduction. Her previous role was at the International HIV/AIDS Alliance where she was engaged in policy work around prevention, treatment and care for people who use drugs