Anna Beecher

Writer and Theatre Maker

Anna Beecher is a writer and theatre maker. She's written plays and created new performance work with her company, FAT CONTENT and independently. Anna is currently an MFA fiction student and is working on her first novel.
Arriving In A State Of

Arriving In A State Of Emergency

I was nervous about coming to Charlottesville. About humidity, possums and reading Proust. And then the day before I arrived here a young woman was murdered. White supremacists marched through the university with flaming torches and suddenly all my friends back home have heard of this town.
15/08/2017 12:32 BST
In Praise of

In Praise of Fear

If anyone asks this August how my play about fearlessness is going, I happily tell them I'm terrified.
09/08/2016 10:41 BST