Anna Grace-Davidson

Entrepreneur, Interior Designer & Founder of

Anna Grace-Davidson knows all about creating a balanced lifestyle, having spent years running successful businesses such as an interior design company based in Central London, working on luxury projects across the globe, while also directing an Italian furniture boutique in Mayfair.

Looking for a shift in energy, Anna developed a passion for pursuing a more positive wellbeing. From this was born.

Grace Guru is an inspiring and informative positive lifestyle edit, offering daily advice and beautiful content in one place for women and men who are searching for self-growth, mindfulness and a healthy lifestyle. Anna has a passion for sharing her journey and offers Grace Guru as a destination for those who would like to discover more about spirituality and self-growth.
Summit at Sea

Summit at Sea 2015

Everyone has something to learn and we all have something to teach! These are the two very important skills we can always improve on no matter what or how much we may have already achieved.
11/01/2016 12:51 GMT
Why Mindfulness

Why Mindfulness Matters

You have to admit, if you go to the gym regularly to exercise you can change your body, likewise, if you eat healthily and watch your diet you feel better and can control your weight. But how do you nurture your mind to make it happy? To keep all the negative thoughts away in order to make your life balanced, peaceful and joyful?
30/10/2015 13:02 GMT