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Anna Shaw is a personal stylist and colourist who specialises in working with individuals in need of a confidence boost, particularly following periods of life change, ill health and personal or professional upheaval. She pioneers fashion as a visual therapy - looking good can genuinely help you to feel better. Visit her site here:
Colour Is Your Secret Style

Colour Is Your Secret Style Ammo

Right, here is it. One of the most important pieces of style advice anyone will ever give you: Get Your Colours Done. If you're thinking a) reeeally? and b) what the bleep is 'getting your colours done?' read on and prepare to be amazed.
13/07/2016 10:27 BST
Don't Forget The Most Important Fashion

Don't Forget The Most Important Fashion Weak

For most of us out there, the deepest we'll entrench ourselves in the Fashion Weeks of the world is a quick squiz at the Mail Online to see who's wreaking scandal in the latest Burberry. We're far too busy paying the bills, washing our smalls, administering Calpol and watching Sport Relief's Bake Off.
03/03/2016 11:25 GMT
The Wearable Trends of

The Wearable Trends of LFW

There are many, many other ways that we, the Greater Normal Public (GNP), can adopt and interpret the more wearable trends for Autumn/Winter. And what a delectable choice we have. From the stunning sequins of Preen to the gorgeous gowns of Emilia Wickstead; the drop-dead swoony dresses of Daks to the endless hipsta ensembles of Isa Arfen.
26/02/2016 17:44 GMT
How Do We Make

How Do We Make #Fashion4All?

Fashion is and should be for all. But for many of the people I know and work with, fashion - and specifically this month's embodiment of creative ingenuity and flamboyance, London Fashion Week - is about as relatable and relevant to their everyday lives as nipping to Mars for a quick charcoal facial.
19/02/2016 14:00 GMT