Anne Charnock

Author and Artist

Anne Charnock is an author and artist. Her journalism has appeared in New Scientist, The Guardian, International Herald Tribune and others. She was educated at the University of East Anglia, where she studied environmental sciences, and at The Manchester School of Art, England.
A Calculated Life is her debut novel.

Art's Love Affair With JG Ballard

Writer JG Ballard, the great dystopian visionary, said in an interview back in 1975, "I think I always was a frustrated painter." He went on to say: "They are all paintings, really, my novels and stories... I approach many of these stories of mine, like the <em>Vermilion Sands</em> stories - even the novels like <em>Crash</em> - as a sort of visual experience."
14/10/2013 15:40 BST

Fat Man on a Beach, Well Done God! Novelist BS Johnson Remixed

When BS Johnson first approached a literary agent with his debut novel <em>Travelling People</em> he received an outright rejection. The agent described the novel as 'pretentious and unsaleable,' according to Philip Tew, co-editor of a new compendium of Johnson's diverse output, <em>Well Done God! Selected Prose and Drama of BS Johnson</em>.
18/02/2013 15:16 GMT

Colour, Language and Mel Bochner, the Master of Subversion

Speaking at the <a href="" target="_hplink">Whitechapel Gallery</a> last week Mel Bochner, big hitter of the US conceptual art movement, revealed a defining moment for his career in the mid-60s.
17/10/2012 14:28 BST

10 Novels on Art, Artists and Art World Shenanigans

Judging by the number of people visiting public art galleries - the figures are increasing year-on-year according to government stats - I reckon there must be an appetite for novels delving into the art business. I've compiled a list of 10 novels ranging from historical fiction and thrillers through to more philosophical writings.
24/01/2012 15:39 GMT

Abstract Painting Survives its High Anxieties

Abstract painters on both sides of the Atlantic have laboured for 50 years under the suffocating authority of one art critic, Clement Greenberg. Tate St Ives and the University of Warwick are staging a fight back with The Indiscipline of Painting currently showing at the Tate's Cornish outpost.
24/11/2011 22:21 GMT

Fractured Novels Mirror the Uncertainty Of Everyday Life

Novels with fractured narratives were once considered experimental and edgy but today they have become mainstream. Our complicated and increasingly uncertain lives seem to be mirrored by the fragmented structure of these often challenging novels.
23/08/2011 12:40 BST