Anne Dolinschek

Head of Consumer PR, Conversations Group

Anne is a gladiator in a pencil skirt aka PR consultant. Her aim is to educate brands and corporates to do PR and Digital PR the right way... however, not all are willing to learn. Being a late bloomer, Anne started her PR journey later than most, but found a career that she thoroughly enjoys. Over the last five years, she worked for two prominent global PR firms -- namely Ogilvy PR and Magna Carta Reputation Management. She worked in traditional PR at Ogilvy PR, and her role naturally evolved to include more digital PR at Magna Carta Reputation Management, where she was a key member in the digital team. Anne has extensive experience in digital campaigns and has assisted on campaigns for LG Mobile, Standard Bank, Nissan Datsun, P&G Ariel and Unilever Personal Care brands. She has also done educational talks and interviews on digital and influencer marketing in addition to this. During her career, Anne has also worked on big brand names such as PPC Cement, LG electronics, Reckitt Benckiser, Darling Hair, Adcock Ingram, GEMS, Netcare, Chivas Regal, P&G Fabric Care and Unilever Personal Care. She is an avid and well-respected blogger in South Africa, with a strong following for her personal blog and was one of the first reputable bloggers in the country when she started in 2009.