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Anneli Roberts

Writer. Blogger. Egg.

I'm a writer, mental health advocate and collector of striped t-shirts. My ultimate goal is to live in a world surrounded by tiny people and giant puppies, all trained primarily to feed me cheesecake; until that's a thing, I'm just writing about a life lived anxiously. I started blogging in March 2017; sharing my experiences of mental illness and hopefully contributing to a future that is freer and a world that will be a more supportive and accepting place. Mostly, I write about anxiety, although I do occasionally venture into other topics such as feminism, PTSD, domestic violence, recovery and general mental health and wellbeing. You can read more from me at or via my social media.

Shaking The Shackles Of Abuse

Being in an abusive relationship is like being outside and alone in a hurricane. The insults, criticism and threats weather you over time. Your worst fears and memories used against you, leaving you feeling raw and exposed. You're exhausted from all the fighting and chaos, but you just have to keep dodging obstacles.
13/10/2017 15:59 BST

My First Coping Mechanism

I thought about death almost hourly. I knew in my heart that at any given moment I could lose my mum. I also understood that at any moment I could drop dead, and that isn't the nicest thought to have with your Weetabix.
27/09/2017 17:03 BST