Anya Woolliams

EFL Teacher and Academic Manager with over ten years teaching experience

Currently a DoS (Director of Studies) at LTC (Language Teaching Centre, London).

Starting in Further Education, I initially ran a drama/acting workshop
for adult professionals taking on more classes at an adult community
education college - mainly classes with English as a focus as so many
students from new immigrant families were joining the college system
at GCSE age. I was a mentor for them and led courses in Personal
Development and English to bring them up to college vocational or
academic standard. I also taught courses in Media Studies to ''Links''
special needs students which included blind students, students with
learning difficulties and students with behavioural difficulties all
in the same class - probably the toughest teaching challenge I have
ever faced.

Work in ESOL continued with a charity called Rewrite that works at
helping new immigrant and refugee kids (11-15) develop their English
and confidence (and no doubt personalities, identities, sense of
community) through drama.

My biggest cultural/ teaching experience came at 23 when I spent two
years teaching in a small town in Thailand where I studied a postgrad
in Language and Literacy in a Changing World.
Immersing myself in Thai culture in a town way off the tourist trail I
had no choice but to learn fluent Thai and inhabit a new way of life
in a foreign culture so not to feel isolated. Returning to the UK two
years later, however, was just as much a culture shock!

Since then I have continued to teach EFL and have taught in other
realms like scuba diving and skiing. Outside of work I enjoy
participating in long distance runs, climbs, triathlons etc. for
charity. I continue to travel and discover new cultures as much as I

I have also worked as a volunteer for Battersea Dogs Home for several years.

Working with the new immigrant students for 'Why Can't You Speak
English?' has been highly rewarding and only motivates me more giving
me an added interest in the UK VISA laws and views on immigration and
literacy worldwide.

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