Araceli Camargo

Cognitive neuroscientist. Lab Director at The Centric Lab

I'm a cognitive neuroscientist, with a specialisation in attention and memory. My work is mainly applied to the built environment; understanding how people experience a space. I am the director of lab at Centric
The Science Of

The Science Of Buildings

Science is a tool, which has been used to help commercial industries become more effective and productive. Its influence is everywhere from engineering, manufacturing, technology to athletics. Catapulting each industry to a higher realm of thinking as well as innovation.
23/10/2017 17:00 BST
How Diversity Leads To Innovation; A Cognitive

How Diversity Leads To Innovation; A Cognitive Perspective

We are living in the human era, where we are witnessing incredible technological advancements as well as expanding ourselves cognitively. This mental and technological advancements will allow us to start solving highly sophisticated problems like complex diseases, overpopulation, climate change, racism, and social inequality.
18/10/2016 17:28 BST
Technology And Democracy For The

Technology And Democracy For The Marginalised

What is unique to Mexico is that the use of social media is not only for big movements they are also using it for survival as well. The threat of violence due to the drug war, lack of policing and lack of reliable media reporting has meant that civilians have had to take control of their security and information
05/09/2016 17:27 BST
The Future of Open Workspaces in

The Future of Open Workspaces in London

Currently, London is facing highly complex socio-economic challenges; a shortage of affordable housing for vulnerable people and students, a slowdown of social mobility due to inflation and high university fees, and a brain drain due to rising living costs.
13/04/2016 11:44 BST
Building the Infrastructure for

Building the Infrastructure for Innovation

All of this innovation will need to be catalysed, honed, and hosted somewhere, i.e. spaces, buildings, cities. The actual infrastructure of innovation is something that rarely is mentioned, we know that innovation needs ideas, visionaries, tools, money etc, however it also has takes a physical embodiment.
19/02/2016 14:04 GMT
Neuroscience and

Neuroscience and Architecture

The to and fro between our brain and environmental stimuli shapes and influences every aspect of who we are.
29/01/2016 13:49 GMT
How Culture and Technology are Changing The Property

How Culture and Technology are Changing The Property Industry

Urbanisation is driving people into cities therefore forcing demand on limited space, invariably costs rise. Companies are no longer measuring value of an office space by how many people per sq ft can produce a required output but by the innovations they create internally.
09/12/2015 16:06 GMT
How Curiosity Makes Us

How Curiosity Makes Us Smarter

What drives us to become more motivated, creative, or intelligent? These questions have plagued philosophers and scientists for thousands of years and they continue to fuel scientific investigation. Especially now, as we are confronted with increasingly complex problems. However, these questions are just outcomes of something more core, curiosity.
14/09/2015 17:44 BST
Is Complexity Causing Us to Work

Is Complexity Causing Us to Work Differently?

We are seeing the rise of a new technology era, which is changing our infrastructure and the way we usually engage with the world. This is creating a gap we have yet to understand, which will bring difficult challenges.
20/08/2015 17:40 BST

Understanding Emotion

The truth is that there are still many questions and confusion on the definition of emotion, both from the science and business communities. There is a lot more research that needs to be done to understand their full role and function, however, there is already a lot of compelling research that allows us to form a general picture on what an emotion is.
06/07/2015 16:57 BST