Arnie Wilson


Arnie Wilson drifted from national newspaper and TV news and current affairs (on screen and off), celebrity interviewing and travel writing to ski journalism. A midlife passion for the slopes gradually took over his life and he spent 15 years as the Financial Times ski correspondent before taking over as editor of the Ski Club of Great Britain’s magazine, Ski+board between 2001 and 2014. He entered the Guinness Book of Records in 1994 after skiing for 365 consecutive days in 240 resorts in 13 countries, and recently completed a 35 year mission to ski in all 37 US states with ski lifts. This year he notched up his 710th ski area worldwide. He has written or co-written five ski books.
40 Years On - Meeting An Old School

40 Years On - Meeting An Old School Friend

It was our first meeting for 40 years. The lanky Ted, with his sullen good looks, was once my best friend. Strangely, we had little in common except a strong rebellious streak, a bohemian lifestyle and a love of the open air.
13/12/2016 13:52 GMT
Love You Dead - The Latest Thriller From Peter

Love You Dead - The Latest Thriller From Peter James

t's quite brilliant. And this time the central villain - aided and abetted by some extremely poisonous reptiles - is most definitely female. A very beautiful and seductive one. But Jodie Bentley wasn't born beautiful. Her mind even less so.
10/10/2016 13:56 BST
Far From The Madding Crowd - A Best-Kept

Far From The Madding Crowd - A Best-Kept Ski-Cret!

For me, there is no better example than the time-warp village of Vaujany - a small, rural, delightfully unfashionable village, with chickens and farmyard noises and smells - yet linked with one of France's biggest ski areas.
27/09/2016 11:35 BST
Twin Peaks Success - By Royal

Twin Peaks Success - By Royal Ascent!

Arthur Chatto 17, the Queen's grand-nephew and twenty-third in line to the throne, and his Eton College friend James Tamlyn, have successfully worked their way up and down both the iconic Swiss "Toblerone" peak, at 4478m and Mont Blanc, at 4810m the highest peak in the Alps.
26/09/2016 11:46 BST
2016: A Swimming Pool

2016: A Swimming Pool Odyssey

I am standing on the veranda of a delightful sun-drenched villa in Corsica, overlooking an inviting near-Olympic sized swimming pool. A small forest formed of a myriad species of pine, Bougainvillea rhododendron and palms separates us from the Mediterranean bay which shimmers just beyond where we are lazing away the early afternoon.
13/06/2016 12:18 BST
The Dolomites: Dramatic Peaks and Delicious

The Dolomites: Dramatic Peaks and Delicious Dining

The Italian poet and journalist Dino Buzzati once asked "Are they rocks or clouds? Are they real, or is this a dream?" He was speaking about the Dolomites, a magnificent section of the Alps - yet very different from the mountains of Switzerland, France, Austria - and even the rest of Italy.
08/04/2016 10:11 BST