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Asaf Greiner

CEO and Founder, Protected.Media

Founder and CEO of www.Protected.Media, an anti-fraud platform fighting bots and guaranteeing clean traffic and human views. A successful entrepreneur, Asaf was the co-founder of Aduva (acquired by Sun/Oracle) and beeFENCE, one of the pioneering companies in fighting botnets. Previously VP products at Cyren (Nasdaq: CYRN), Asaf brings management and product expertise. Asaf holds an MBA from IDC.
Ad Fraud Is The New School

Ad Fraud Is The New School Mafia

Then there is the difficulty solving the crime itself, where the identity of the fraudster is often hidden due to all the players in the ad fraud ecosystem that are involved with each ad placement including media agencies, demand side platforms, exchanges, ad networks, and supply side platforms.
30/08/2017 13:08 BST
How To Protect Yourself From In-App

How To Protect Yourself From In-App Fraud

In short, there is a lot of cleaning up to do when it comes to in-app ads. If something looks too good to be true, it probably is. You have to look for signs that don't add up, and research further. It's not always about technical tools, it's about being aware and giving hints to teams where there might be a problem.
07/03/2017 16:58 GMT
Seven Mobile Ad Trends Affecting Consumers In

Seven Mobile Ad Trends Affecting Consumers In 2017

The digital ad space will continue to grow and prosper in 2017, but certain risks. There will be more opportunities for ad placements within mobile apps and mobile messaging programs, but at the same time fake ad traffic generated by bots will continue to burn through advertisers' budgets and erode trust in digital advertising.
19/01/2017 17:10 GMT