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Asher Kessler

Philosophy & Politics Undergraduate

Philosophy & Politics Undergraduate

The UK's Abandonment Of Child Refugees Is A Disgrace For Us All

Over the summer I spent some time working with refugees in northern Greece. Most of my hours in the camp were spent listening to people, whether about their story of crossed continents, the loved ones they were trying find or simply the daily problems they faced.
13/02/2017 16:42 GMT

Podemos: A Youthful Warning

Podemos should serve as a warning to the British political class. If you kick us too hard, we could just kick you back.
21/11/2014 12:42 GMT

Jews and Muslims of Britain Unite!

It is now that these two communities must understand how interdependent they are. When one community is attacked, the other is next in line. The hatred of Muslims in Europe is the same hatred that Jews have experienced for the last few centuries. When Jews perpetrate islamaphobic actions, they are creating an atmosphere in which anti-Semitism thrives and vice versa.
12/11/2014 17:47 GMT