Ava Vidal

Comedian, presenter and journalist

Comedian, presenter and journalist

Sexism Drives Us To Tears - Now We're Going To Laugh In Its Face

I have never been one to shy away from talking about personal experiences in my live shows, I am now encouraging other women to do the same. I have experienced sexism that is not just every day, but institutional and cultural at every level. Rather than be defeated by this, I am embarking on a project that will empower women facing the same to talk about their experience, and hopefully be part of making a change.
31/07/2017 16:32 BST

Stop Hounding Diane Abbott - She Is The Home Secretary We Need

It is no wonder that Diane is a target. Her record on justice and equality from cuts, to racism, to anti-war campaigning, LGBT, women's rights will be remembered as she was promoting these positions long before they were popular. The choice in this election is between two visions of a society that is to come.
08/06/2017 09:17 BST