Becky Clark

First time mommy, novice blogger, wine enthusiast, eater of cheese, master of typographical errors

Hi, I’m Becky. A twenty something first time mummy living in Yorkshire with my partner Ryan and our little boy Rory.

I decided to start my blog around six months into my maternity leave. Like parenting, I don’t claim to be an expert. I think of myself as a novice blogger! is my story through motherhood, it’s the adventures I take with my family, it’s the food I cook, it’s the moments I’m proud of and the times I need a helping hand. It’s my opinions, my pictures, and my passion.
Toddler Life Is Enough To Make Anyone

Toddler Life Is Enough To Make Anyone Quarrel

The problem with toddler life is that it brings with it a completely new set of challenges. You've just got to grips with parenting, then your baby finds their feet and everything goes to shit. Let's be honest it isn't all bad. They become these hilarious little humans who find spinning in circles euphoric.
03/09/2017 15:44 BST
How Important Are Your Mama

How Important Are Your Mama Friends?

Sharing my pregnancy news with my friends was exciting but being the first one to take the plunge was scary. Like Christopher Columbus with boobs, I found myself venturing into uncharted waters. Having no idea what to expect or even the faintest idea how to change a nappy it came as a sigh of relief when a work colleague suggested I try an NCT antenatal course.
23/03/2017 13:56 GMT