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Ben Bradshaw

Labour MP for Exeter

Ben Bradshaw has been MP for Exeter since his election in 1997. Before entering Parliament, he worked as a newspaper journalist, starting his career in 1984 on Exeter’s local paper before moving into radio journalism and working at the BBC. Ben was made a Minister in the Foreign Office in 2001 and then held posts as Environment Minister and Health Minister. Between 2009 and 2010, he was Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport and now speaks for Exeter from the backbenches.
Bumbling Boris' Day of Blunders in the South

Bumbling Boris' Day of Blunders in the South West

It was all going wrong for Boris, and yet he hadn't even got out of his German bus yet. But worse was to come. As the door opened, Boris leaned out brandishing a Cornish pasty above his head. Clearly no-one had told him that pasties, like so many iconic British foodstuffs, are protected from imitation by the EU's Protected Geographical Indication legislation. People often criticise the EU for being remote. But it is EU law, not British law, that protect Cornish pasty makers from being undercut by inferior imports. By this point, local Tory MP Sarah Newton was already talking about Boris' "blunder bus", a phrase that took off on social media...
11/05/2016 19:42 BST
How We Rebuild and

How We Rebuild and Win

We need our Party and next leader to celebrate our entrepreneurs and wealth creators and not leave the impression they are part of the problem. Economic competence combined with social justice. We learned that lesson finally, surely, after 18 years in the wilderness between 1979 and 1997.
11/05/2015 17:26 BST
Gaza Is on a Knife

Gaza Is on a Knife Edge

If Obama doesn't want to go down in history as the American President who missed the last chance for a two state solution he must not only act now to stop the bloodshed but devote serious American engagement to getting peace talks going again. He may fail, as others have before him (although the Arab Spring has changed the Middle East dynamic and should help focus Israeli minds), but at least he will have tried.
20/11/2012 09:33 GMT
The Injustice

The Injustice System

Israel operates two different systems of law for two different groups of people. One is significantly harsher than the other. Caabu is the latest organisation to call for an end to wholesale discrimination and ethnic segregation in Israel's judicial processes. They join Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Defence for Children International and the UK Foreign Office in calling for Israel to implement significant changes to accord with international law, and basic human rights.
01/11/2012 15:28 GMT
I Believe Entwistle Is

I Believe Entwistle Is Right

My instant verdict on George Entwistle - the BBC Director General - after his appearance before our committee today is of a good, decent man, new to the job, grappling with the BBC's horrendous bureaucracy who has been badly let down by others, and may still be being so.
23/10/2012 15:45 BST
Why we Need New Worldwide Gay Rights Group

Why we Need New Worldwide Gay Rights Group Kaleidoscope

With the huge and welcome advances that we have made in Britain and many countries in recent years it is easy to forget that most of the world remains a very hostile place if you happen to be gay or lesbian. State sanctioned homophobia remains widespread, in more than a third of all countries homosexuality is still illegal and in some punishable by death.
14/09/2011 22:49 BST