Ben Slater

VP Growth at Beamery, Recruitment CRM & Marketing software

Ben Slater is VP Growth at Beamery, beautiful recruiting software powered by machine intelligence. He's also on the EMEA Council of the Candidate Experience Awards (a global organisation set up to help companies provide a better application experience to candidates)
Would You Reply to Your LinkedIn

Would You Reply to Your LinkedIn Inmail?

It's a nice idea. In theory, it democratizes networking. Anyone can talk to anyone. In practice, it's led to the temptation to spam large groups of candidates in the hope that a few will be interested.
20/05/2016 12:26 BST
The Real Reason We Brag About Being So

The Real Reason We Brag About Being So Busy

We've reached a stage where being busy has become a goal. To say that 'I'm busier than you are' means 'I'm more important, my time is more valuable'. It's a new status we shoot for, a goal that shows us that we're on the right track, the barometer by which we judge our impending success.
10/05/2016 14:44 BST