Ben Warwick

Lecturer in Law at the University of Birmingham

Dr Ben Warwick is a Lecturer in Law at the University of Birmingham. His research centres on economic and social rights. He has published on the effects of the economic crisis, and co-leads an international Collaborative Research Network on Economic and Social Rights.

#GE2017: How Have The Conservatives Done On Human Rights?

It's that time again when the UK's politicians pitch their ideas for the future direction of the country. But while PR gurus seek to sell us on the latest tag line or manifesto commitment, the record of those in power sometimes slips into the background. And following seven years of Conservative-led government, there is plenty of a record for us to consider.
22/05/2017 16:22 BST

Sanction First, Ask Questions Later

When sanctioned, people are thrown from having little income into having none at all. Hunger, homelessness and impacts on people's health inevitably result. The country has already been shamed at the UN, in film, and in Parliament. What will it take before we live up to our tradition of fairness and due process?
09/12/2016 12:08 GMT