Will Hammond Keep Human Rights 'At the Very Heart' of Foreign Policy?

With the departure of Burt, Hague and now Warsi, the FCO is left without any ministers who show any deep personal commitment to human rights... It would be unfair to prejudge Philip Hammond and Baroness Anelay, Sayeeda Warsi's replacement, this early on. Instead, one must simply appeal to them to prove the sceptics wrong.
07/08/2014 16:52 BST

Why Aren't People on the Streets for North Korea?

Why aren't people on the streets in protest at North Korea's crimes in large numbers, the way they are over Gaza or were over the war in Iraq? Why isn't there a mass public movement, of the kind that helped bring down apartheid in South Africa? Why aren't Bono, Richard Gere, George Clooney and Angelina Jolie doing anything to bring the North Korea cause into our hearts and homes?
06/08/2014 12:41 BST

Kim Jong-Un - See You in Court

Yesterday Australian judge Michael Kirby, who chaired the United Nations Commission of Inquiry into human rights violations in North Korea, delivered a blisteringly brilliant presentation of his report to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva...
18/03/2014 10:36 GMT

Indonesia: Pluralism in Peril

Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim-majority nation, third largest democracy, fourth most populous country and sixteenth largest economy is at a crossroads: politically, economically and socially...
17/03/2014 11:34 GMT

It's Time to Stick Our Necks Out for Maajid Nawaz and Freedom of Speech

Almost every day, among my friends, on the streets or tubes, or on television, I hear someone take the name of Jesus Christ in vain, turning his name into a swear word. I don't like it. I'd rather they didn't do it. But do I threaten to cut their heads off, or even stage an angry demonstration or organise a petition? Of course not.
29/01/2014 11:45 GMT

My 14 Priorities for 2014

Admittedly, my direct involvement is in Asia and so I draw heavily on my experiences there. But the principles hold, wherever they arise - for the values in contention are universal.
23/12/2013 11:07 GMT

Our Lady, The Lady, The Iron Lady

What can we learn from Our Lady, The Lady and The Iron Lady? First, it would be bordering on the sacrilegious to equate the three.
20/08/2013 16:23 BST