Bertie Stephens

Co-founder and CEO of, the ecommerce platform that creates better prices on the exact products you’re about to buy online

A few years until reaching 30, Bertie is already a serial entrepreneur, having run several companies before alighting on the idea for, an e-commerce platform helping consumers make massive savings on items they wish to buy from companies such as

Before Flubit, Bertie studied film production at London South Bank University and received a first class honours. He went on to produce Roanoke: The Lost Colony - which went on to be sold in every state in the US -, followed by Nuryan - which won the best horror film at the Independent London Film Festival, and The Sweet Shop - starring Gemma Atkinson and Matthew Lewis. In the meantime he co-founded ReachOnAir and later became their strategic manager. Later, he also co-founded and became Head of Production at MWS media.

In this blog, Bertie will be sharing his advice and tips on how to run a startup, how to raise capital, dealing with investors and some general do’s and don'ts as well as keeping you up to speed with Flubit, what we’re up to and other industry news.