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An English and Philosophy graduate currently freelancing with a particular interest in Film, International and UK politics and anything that tries to make the world a better place.
Let's Talk About What Women

Let's Talk About What Women Wear

It's not ok to say 'she'd look so much nicer if she'd just...' That is an individual's perception. Just because someone would personally never wear something that revealing or never wear something that shade of yellow, doesn't mean they shouldn't.
01/01/2017 19:20 GMT
It Seems That White People Still Think We Are A

It Seems That White People Still Think We Are A Priority

White people voted in the EU referendum and the Presidential Election. I'm sure you were aware of that, but it's an important thing to acknowledge because it was white people's voices who were heard the loudest throughout both of these elections. In fact, it's the thing that brings the two together the most; they were two very different elections, but they both heard one loud voice shouting no.
14/11/2016 11:37 GMT