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Bev Ridyard

Mum first. Savvy marketer, growing entrepreneur and lifestyle photographer second. Love helping others grow. Always trying to be brave.

Hi! I'm an enthusiastic, driven and passionate thirty something year old who was put on this planet to help other people. You kinda have to meet me to see how I roll! I own Inspired By Joseph and am the helpful Mum and Oldham photographer for families who want to preserve memories before they fade. Prior to that I’ve had 12 years sales and marketing experience for Marks and Spencer Money, Halifax and Sainsburys Banks, Bupa and most recently Manchester Airport Group, culminating in becoming Head of Airline Marketing aged 29. I'm also a proud Alumni member of The Marketing Academy, a Trustee and governor for a special needs school, a member of The Learning Advisory Group for the Chartered Institute of Marketing and run a local book club for mummies to inspire us all to find time to read. I love a good meal around the table, my fabulous friends and family and chocolate. But my proudest achievements are my two beautiful children, Joseph and Victoria. If you truly want it, you can achieve your dreams. I'd love to hear what you think about my blogs so please do get in touch. You can find all of my contact details at the end of each blog.

What Happens When You Switch Off From The World For 48 Hours?

The FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) subsided and my head began to clear. I felt great, relaxed and refreshed to the point when I wasn't even thinking about my phone, freeing up my brain! A two night stay in the great outdoors felt like twice as long and I returned home vowing to take some applied learning's with me:
11/08/2017 14:12 BST

Do Me A Favour - Stop Judging Other Mums And Go And Say Thank You

We all have our own parenting focuses and challenges crammed into the enormity of the things we need to do in our daily routines. Weaning, sleep deprivation, teething, the lot. Whether a single mum, mum to 6 kids, rich, poor, full time working mum or stay at home mum, it's largely the same for us all.
18/05/2017 10:22 BST

My Mum Story - 1,180 'Ordinary And Everyday' Photos By Mother's Day

On Thursday 2nd January 2014, when we had our twelve week scan for our first baby, I decided to take a photo every day. That's right. Every day. This new, wonderful chapter that I had dreamed of was about to happen and I was not going to let it pass me by. I'm not a massive fan of getting in photos but I knew that if I didn't do this, I couldn't turn the clock back.
24/03/2017 15:07 GMT