Bex Felton

Writer & Brand Consultant

I'm a writer and brand consultant. I use my experience to write from the inside out: exploring the impact of brand and consumer culture on the way we engage with society's big issues, especially gender inequality and gender stereotypes, spanning high and low culture.

As a consultant I've helped some of the world's biggest organisations (including Coca-Cola, Nissan, NHS, KPMG, First Group, Network Rail, TFL, O2, EDF) and smallest challengers find the words to say what they mean, and the strategic clarity to mean what they say. I continue to work with a range of organisations as a strategy consultant and writer, with particular expertise in M&A, cultural diagnostics and employee engagement.

As a writer, I create impactful speeches, essays, open editorials, blogs, white papers, policy papers and books for individuals in the Political and Public sphere.

Though much of my work is confidential, please find some examples of my work at or contact me privately for more information on how I can support you.
The Irresistible Rise of

The Irresistible Rise of Nige

So welcome back Nigel Farage: the face of acceptable bigotry and daytime drinking. It looks like we missed you.
11/04/2016 14:52 BST
Fifty Shades, BDSM and the Kinkyf**kery of Our Civil

Fifty Shades, BDSM and the Kinkyf**kery of Our Civil Liberties

While we variously hand-wring about our moral turpitude or lament the lack of full frontal nudity ; while our services deploy emergency drills in the face of lapsed public virtue - we're averting our lusty gaze from a far more insidious threat.
16/02/2015 11:40 GMT
Hurrah for Ukip - The Failed Bigot

Hurrah for Ukip - The Failed Bigot Brand

Ukip is a spectacular feat of failed branding. A triumph of people over positioning - flawed, confused, uncertain people - at a time when we need exactly that. So, with less than 90 days to go until the general election, hurrah for Ukip.
05/02/2015 15:24 GMT
An Open Letter to the Cast of 'Made in

An Open Letter to the Cast of 'Made in Chelsea'

It started as a guilty pleasure. A simple way to abdicate intellectual responsibility for an hour and look at attractive people talking about meaningless things, feeling smug about how great London looks and bathing in the extended idea that ALL our lives could actually be TV-ready with just a bit more editing and a more committed use of Instagram.
28/01/2015 17:55 GMT