Bini Ludlow

Runs an authentic Indian cookery school

Bini Ludlow is the founder of Sweet Cumin, an authentic Indian cookery school nestled in the Somerset countryside.

After growing up in multi-cultural Bradford and learning Gujarati cooking from her mother at an early age, Bini always harboured a passion for traditional Indian cuisine. She had a successful teaching career for many years but after visiting India between 2005 and 2008, felt her transferable skills could be put to better use. In 2012 her hobby became her profession, as she established Sweet Cumin.

A passionate chef who is not afraid to voice her opinions, Bini has been propelled into the media spotlight in recent years. In the South West she is a regular contributor to the local food scene, speaking and attending events, bylining regular guest columns and appearing on a number of regional food programmes. Her range of takeaway curries have also been awarded Gold for two years in a row (2013 & 2014) by Taste of the South West.

In 2013, she was Loyd Grossman’s finalist in the ‘Food Glorious Food’ South West heats and a People’s Choice award finalist in the British Cookery School Awards.
In the same year she was also judge and compere working at Exeter Food Festival with acclaimed chef Michael Caines MBE to award the region’s best Indian restaurants in a ‘curry cook off’, a role that she fulfilled again in 2014.

With hundreds of budding chefs through her doors each year, Bini’s passion and charisma has made Sweet Cumin one of the leading authentic Indian cookery schools in the UK.
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