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Brad Frankel

Travel addict, food lover and conservationist

After graduating from Portsmouth University with a degree in Marine Biology, all I wanted to do was travel and after two round-the-world-trips and 10 years working in the rat race, I finally escaped and set up Flooglebinder, who build adventures that inspire change. I'm very passionate about travelling and how we develop as a result of these experiences. We discover new places, meet incredible people and push boundaries that we didn't think were possible. I like talking about my first-hand experiences, my views and opinions on the world and how we can build a more sustainable future that involves adventure and play. I hope you enjoy my stories and look forward to hearing your thoughts. Take care and travel safe :) Brad
I F*cking Love

I F*cking Love It...

I started travelling properly when I was about 18 and was never able to stop, people would always tell me to settle down, stay still, stay in a job, stay HERE, but I didn't want to. I still had my call to adventure, I still needed to go out there and find what it was I wanted to do, what my purpose was
13/12/2016 16:29 GMT
Time Flies - Are You Using It

Time Flies - Are You Using It Wisely?

We've become a generation of home bods, we sit in our homes, flick through 900 channels and end up playing on our phones looking through Facebook, Instagram or playing words with friends, and god knows what other apps. What happened to actually playing scrabble with your a table?
04/04/2016 15:02 BST