Bukky Olaleye

Business Coach and Publisher

Bukky is a coach, author and publisher. She writes on a number of topics including; business, start ups, coaching and personal development, and about the people and culture of Africa.
She offers a program for budding entrepreneurs called Package Your Expertise
Founder of ReAfrica. ReAfrica is an online platform showcasing Africa's amazing people, music, fashion, culture, media, innovation and businesses.
A leadership coach at Julianmiles Limited


Pottery, Ubuntu and Idea of a Global Village

The Monknine potteries are a family owned business that for forty years have been making decorative pots. According to their literature, they ensure that their products are made from natural, healthy and Eco friendly materials.
23/09/2015 16:10 BST

The Idea and Reality of Change: Lessons From the Film Selma

We may not agree with the rhetoric of President Obama, or disagree with the stylisation or representation of the film. What is difficult to contest is the ability of a well told story to impart huge life lessons, to teach, lead, and position us to walk in our own potential and to 'shape the course of things.'
20/03/2015 11:19 GMT