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Bye Bye World

Performers/devisers Anne Gehring and Vera Ketelaars present their Amsterdam Fringe 2011 award winning show 'Bye Bye World' at the Edinburgh Fringe. Director: Marlojein Frijling

Best of Amsterdam Fringe 2011 'Bye bye world' now strikes down at Edinburgh soil!
With nothing but ourselves, two stools and our story to tell, we will enter the Edinburgh Fringe..

The performance is about two women who are longing to disappear from their everyday lifes.
With a good portion of humor, Dutch down-to-earthiness, and the toughness of Thelma and Louise we will reconstruct the upheaval in the lifes of these two completely different women.

We are a company fascinated by the unknown, always trying to balance on the thin line between fiction and non-fiction. This performance was made by performers Anne Gehring, Vera Ketelaars, director Frijling and dramaturg Nienke Scholts and already went to Perth World Festival and Praque Fringe Festival (on both festivals nominated for the theatre award).

For more information please check: You can also find us on facebook and twitter!
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Bye Bye World at the Amsterdam

Bye Bye World at the Amsterdam Festival

For weeks we had gathered in the kitchen of our director Marjolein Frijling who, at that time, lived in an abandoned monastery, next to the Red Light District. There we worked on our performance about two women who decide to break free from their everyday lives, and imprison themselves in a basement.
27/07/2012 14:24 BST