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Cai Graham

Author of The TEEN Toolbox

Cai Graham is a Parenting & Teen Coach, Speaker and Amazon #1 bestselling author of The Teen Toolbox. Cai specialises in supporting families overcome obstacles; including communication issues, loss and trauma, so that they can enjoy a brighter future. Cai’s mission is to empower people by providing them with the tools and techniques they need to cope with the challenges of modern day life. She supports them by breaking through their fears and phobias equipping them with some great coping strategies to allow them to live their lives to the fullest. As a mother and feminine entrepreneur Cai has blended over two decades of motherhood with her background as a Master Practitioner in NLP, therapist and coach to create an online education program, a book, and a one-of-a kind luxury retreat for individuals and families.
Back To School: Is Your Teenager

Back To School: Is Your Teenager Coping?

You may be a dab-hand at all this and be taking it all in your stride - but for many parents helping their teenager settle in to a different school or simply a different class with the increased demands and expectations is totally new ground and the new rules can be baffling.
15/09/2017 11:26 BST
Is Your Child Unhappy With Their Exam

Is Your Child Unhappy With Their Exam Successes?

For many families across the UK, the dust is beginning to settle. This week sees the end of the exam season where many young people have been receiving their results for University Finals, A2/AS levels and most recently, GCSEs.
24/08/2017 13:39 BST
Clearing: How To Get Your University

Clearing: How To Get Your University Place

The week before the A level results can be a scary time for teenagers and their parents. So, in the few days before the results are released - what can parents do to steady the ship?
14/08/2017 12:18 BST
Two Fail-Safe Revision

Two Fail-Safe Revision Tips

As the student, it's oftentimes hard to see the wood from the trees. Throughout their academic year they are required to adhere to a regular timetable. Once they start the revision period however, once lessons are suspended, it can be challenge for them to control their own time management.
24/03/2017 14:21 GMT
Are You Pretending To Be Something You're

Are You Pretending To Be Something You're Not?

I used to dread going to parties - and when I did, I was terrified. I worried that people would laugh at me for being unpopular, a bad dancer, too quiet, too loud (you name it). I used to watch the different cliques; the sporty ones, the cool ones, the musical ones ... wondering when was I ever going to just fit in.
02/03/2017 15:52 GMT
How To ACE Your

How To ACE Your Fears

The Fight or Flight fear is the one that we are able to recognise all too easily. Examples are - the fear of deep water or heights. This is the fear that protect you from 'harm' - it's your survival instinct. The warning signs are, tightening of the chest, quickening of the breath and that sense of panic.
13/02/2017 16:18 GMT
Your Self-Confidence Affects Your

Your Self-Confidence Affects Your Child

Building self-esteem doesn't always come naturally - which is OK. But I believe that just like learning a new language - it can be taught. This does not happen overnight - we just have to start and take it one day at a time.
09/02/2017 11:57 GMT
Tools To Beat

Tools To Beat Bullying

Bullying is all about an abuse of power. The bully gains their power by controlling and terrorising others. By removing that 'fear' the person being bullied can take back their control.
07/02/2017 13:04 GMT
20 Things To Avoid When Parenting A

20 Things To Avoid When Parenting A Teenager

As our children grow up everything, starts to change. No sooner do we start feeling confident that we have this 'parenting-lark' sussed - that the goalposts start moving. Here are some pointers: helping you and your teen navigate adolescence.
30/01/2017 08:17 GMT