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Carey Mulligan

Actress and Alzheimer’s Society ambassador

Actress and Alzheimer’s Society ambassador

If You Have A Loved One With Dementia, Love Them The Same Way You Always Have

I have had the privilege of being an ambassador for Alzheimer's Society for a number of years now. My grandmother, Nans, lived with Alzheimer's for half the time that I knew her... Here is my plea. This World Alzheimer's Day - and beyond it - let's do everything in our power to make sure people don't have to face dementia alone. Let's speak up and speak out about dementia so awareness and understanding across society is improved. Let's come together and unite against dementia. If you have a loved one with dementia, spend time with them. Love them, the same way you always have.
21/09/2017 09:04 BST

Creating A World Where Every Person In Every Corner Of The Globe Is Dementia-Aware

Dementia doesn't stop at UK borders and stigma is still rife in parts of the world. In some countries, people with dementia are locked away or seen as being "mad". I've heard about people losing relationships, jobs and friends because of misconceptions that exist around the condition. I've raged on my sofa at comedy panel shows and TV sitcoms that have reduced a person with dementia to a poorly drawn caricature or the butt of a lazy joke. At the moment, there's not nearly enough awareness around dementia and as a global society we have a duty to change that.
21/09/2016 14:07 BST

Opening the Door for Children Living With Trauma, Fear and Grief Amid Wars They Deserve No Part Of

Abandoned half-built buildings, abandoned half-destroyed buildings and slums form the bulk of the cityscape of Goma, on the border with Rwanda. Nothing works. Corruption, power outages, and impassable roads - and the palpable threat of chaos - are part of daily life. One in six children born today in the Democratic Republic of Congo won't live to see their fifth birthday. Since the outbreak of fighting in 1998 almost three million children have died here. Within these dire conditions I saw the extraordinary work of War Child and met children who, despite every element working against them, astonished me with their warmth, intelligence, determination and desire to learn and build a better life.
06/02/2015 08:57 GMT