Caroline Feraday

Broadcaster, journalist, comic & writer

Now living in Los Angeles, California, British broadcaster and writer Caroline's hosted shows on 95.8 Capital FM, LBC 97.3, BBC Radio Five Live, BBC London 94.9 and BBC Radio 2…presented for Sky News, BBC News, Sky One, GMTV, ITV, Channel 5, The Travel Channel, VH-1, and more…and is the voice of many TV, cinema and radio adverts - from X-Box to Kelloggs.
Why Do Americans Keep Trying to Dodge the Bullet on Gun

Why Do Americans Keep Trying to Dodge the Bullet on Gun Control?

When I'm choosing which desk to sit at in our small newsroom office in Los Angeles, I position myself so I can see the door. We now carefully ensure it is always locked and everyone has to buzz for secure entry - even though we are situated behind metal gates in a quiet street near a beach in near paradise. We hot-seat so always sit somewhere different - and so each and every time I check to see where the exits are and plan my exit from that particular work station.
23/06/2016 09:48 BST
Who Wants Billy Flynn as

Who Wants Billy Flynn as President?

As a Brit living in the United States, I have an up-close but outsider's view of their presidential campaign. What started as a ridiculous joke has become a serious, stark and terrifying reality - Donald Trump COULD be president of the United States, and seemingly no one can hear the little boy shouting that the emperor has no clothes on.
05/06/2016 17:22 BST
The Oscars Comes to Town - View From a Brit in

The Oscars Comes to Town - View From a Brit in Hollywood

Winning an Oscar does bring that box-office boost and for the winners it means that Important People will take your call. Box-office hits are rarely nominees, and much less often winners. Frankly, Hollywood seems to be making Marvel movies but awarding great stories which don't get bums on seats in the same way.
25/02/2016 18:01 GMT
Miss Universe? I'll Give It a Miss,

Miss Universe? I'll Give It a Miss, Thanks

Even without pageant experience as suggested by said stranger, I managed to compose a reply all by myself and without any help from a penis. I also didn't mention the appalling apostrophe use in his own message, which I can only put down to his own inexperience - presumable ill-equipped after never being judged semi-naked on stage.
24/12/2015 10:58 GMT
The Art of Growing Old

The Art of Growing Old Disgracefully

I want to celebrate my birthday in the manner I've always celebrated by birthdays. Dancing in a nightclub until I can't feel my feet for two days. I know. I'm 'supposed' to have grown out of that aren't I? So that's the rub: Act young and you might get thought tragic. Act older and it's - well - it's boring.
19/05/2015 20:32 BST
There's No Place Like

There's No Place Like Home

After one year of living in Los Angeles, here I was - back visiting London for 2 weeks. Home. I was noticing things I'd never noticed before. No, not just noticing, but in their comforting familiarity I found them to be exquisite.
25/11/2014 15:43 GMT
The Best Girls' Weekend

The Best Girls' Weekend Ever

As we weaved our way out of Los Angeles Billy Joel sang, "Say goodbye to Hollywood" and we did. Miley bounced us along with "Party in the USA" and Robbie Williams sang about the Mandaley Bay Hotel in "Me and My Monkey". We...were on our way to Las Vegas for the ultimate girlie weekend.
02/07/2014 12:41 BST
Blood, Fret and

Blood, Fret and Tears

If I had known when I experienced my first miscarriage in the UK that it could cause any complications because of my blood type if I didn't have the Rho-gam injection then I could still be happily expecting our first child.
12/05/2014 22:24 BST
You Big

You Big Kent

Kent is South East of London, so Stuart - by all means head north of Kent...but when you start to get the overwhelming waft......of fake tan and your socks feel a little soggy...that's the Thames, separating Kent from Essex. If you see any of the cast of TOWIE then you've gone too far.
06/05/2014 17:56 BST
Long Live

Long Live Radio

Every week still it seems that I hear that something new will "kill the radio star". Spotify will kill off radio, Pandora streaming will kill off radio, Nick Grimshaw will kill off radio. It won't. Technologies change, but radio isn't a piece of technology. It has a soul, it's a connection... it's my friend.
17/02/2014 22:28 GMT
The Ten Songs That Changed My

The Ten Songs That Changed My Life

There is music which crosses your path, and totally changes the direction you take. Maybe it was playing at the moment you took a certain fork in the road, like a soundtrack to your life, or maybe they were the motivation for the decision. I have ten such songs.
13/01/2014 11:14 GMT