Caroline Fourest

Ex "Charlie Hebdo" journalist, writer, co-founder of the journal ProChoix (feminist, anti-racist and secularist).

Writer, co-founder of the journal ProChoix (feminist, anti-racist and secularist), and a famous columnist in France. She has written numerous and famous essays on the far right, fundamentalism , multiculturalism and universalism, including "Crossfire : a comparaison between jewish, christian and muslim fundamentalism", "Brother Tariq : the doublespeak Tariq Ramadan, " and " Marine Le Pen unmasked ". During the « Cartoon's affair », she was journalist at Charlie Hebdo who did publish the Danish Cartoons about Mohamed. She received threats because of her work on islamism and having signer the Manifesto against new Totalitarianism with Salman Rushdie and Taslima Nasreen.

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